I enjoy publishing guest posts to help other personal finance bloggers grow their own blog.

I was grateful for blogs who took a chance on me when starting out and happy to help other blogs grow their blog by featuring and marketing their content.


I do not enjoy nor do I publish guest posts from faceless companies publishing farmed-out content to get a link. I publish my email address on this blog, with over 300,000 monthly visitors, as a way for readers to connect. Please don’t abuse this. 

Got it?

Here’s a bit more info/rules/tips on submitting a guest post.

  1. The purpose of a guest post is to show the readers here something from a different perspective then my own. Personal stories or unique perspectives work very well.
  2. The content that does well here is either 1) Content that does well on Pinterest 2) Long-tail SEO type posts with helpful information. If you want your guest post to get seen by the most people, I’d stick with those two areas.
  3. You’re free to link to your own blog throughout the post naturally. I’ll then write an introduction for the post with a link to your homepage. Here’s an example.
  4. Once that post is published, I’m happy to help share it across TW2W’s social media channels.
  5. Run your idea by me first. I’ll let you know if the idea sounds like a fit.

All set?

Send your idea to rj@thewaystowealth.com