If you’re new here, this is the 2nd blog income report I’m publishing.

I’ve debated doing an income report on The Ways To Wealth now for a few months. I decided to for three reasons:

  1. The value they provide readers looking to start a blog
  2. I like the idea of greater transparency of how TW2W makes money
  3. It forces me to take a good hard look at my business to see what’s working, what’s not, and commit to goals

Looking back at my own career, the decision to start a blog in 2009 (this is my 2nd blog) was one of the wisest career choices I made.

Being known as a combination of CFP® and digital marketing expert has opened many doors for me.

  • I’ve spoken at Northwestern University to students about personal finance
  • Been interviewed in major media like Bloomberg
  • Been able to secure well-paying freelance opportunities as a writer

This is in addition to the side income a blog can provide itself.

Done right, starting a blog can take your career to new levels too. If you’re interested in starting a blog, I have a free 7-day email course: How To Make Your First $1K Blogging

In 7 days, you’ll learn all about how to launch your blog the right way, from the technical side to marketing.

Here’s what you’ll learn each day:

  • Day 1: Reasons you should (or shouldn’t) start a blog
  • Day 2: How to determine what to blog about
  • Day 3: An insanely simple guide to launching a blog
  • Day 4: How to make your blog a profitable blog that matters
  • Day 5: My best traffic tips
  • Day 6: Getting the maximum results in minimum time
  • Day 7: Trusted free blogging resources

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June Blog Income Report

FlexOffers: $707.79

FlexOffers contains three of my favorite offers: Swagbucks, Betterment, and Personal Capital.  If you blog in a finance related niche, I recommend checking out FlexOffers.

MaxBounty: $118.30

The MaxBounty program contains many quality survey related offers. In addition, they have an excellent free course on affiliate marketing I’m working my way through right now.

Learn more here.

iBotta: $83.25

iBotta is the app I use to save money on groceries. It makes using coupons fast and easy.

Learn more.

Rakuten: $81.28

I personally use and recommend Rakuten as it’s one of the easiest way to earn cash back from your online purchases. Their affiliate program is also very generous. For your first two referrals, you’ll earn $50. So, even if you don’t have a website, you can earn an extra $50 a quarter by referring two friends.

Learn more.

Amazon Associates: $73.78

30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success: $72

BlueHost: $65

iGain: $20.50

TOTAL: $1,138.65


To more than double my blog income month-over-month has me very happy. It’s a bit exciting to think that in its first year, TW2W is paying my mortgage.

As of now, this blog has no ads. How I make money is through affiliate marketing. For example, when someone clicks on a link in my popular Best Investing Books post, I get a referral fee from Amazon for whatever they buy.

Aligning yourself with companies and products you believe in is a smart strategy for monetization. I didn’t know much about the opportunities available though until I read Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Michelle earns well over six figures a month as a personal finance blogger. Her course really opened my eyes to the possibilities. I highly recommend the course it to anyone who has or is considering a blog.


  • Long Tail Pro: $37
  • MailChimp: $13.50
  • BoardBooster: $10
  • Google Services: $5

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research software that helps me decide what to write about. It uses a proprietary keyword score to determine the difficulty I have of ranking for different keywords. When I target keywords Long Tail Pro recommends, I typically get on the first page within a week.

This software is a luxury to have. Saves me a lot of time. However, isn’t required if you’re on a budget.

Net Income: $1,073.15


Here’s the traffic for the site in June, compared to April:

June Blog Stats

Pinterest is the overwhelming lead traffic source for this site.

I’ve invested a few hundred dollars on courses on Pinterest marketing. However, I’ve found Kate Uhl’s free Simple Pin Podcast as my go to resource for driving traffic via Pinterest.

I use a combination of Tailwind (link to free trial) and Boardbooster (link to free trial) to save time and schedule pins.

I’d say the thing I do different than a lot of others is to avoid spamming group boards with the same Pins. Instead, I try not to repeat the same Pin within a 30-day time frame.

In addition, I’ve been creating different versions of Pins to test out which one is best. Once I know what Pin performs best, I’ll go to group boards with that Pin.

The next highest traffic source is Google, which I use the Long Tail Pro plugin to find keywords I can rank for. As a newer blog, I don’t have the credibility in Google’s view of a lot of top blogs.  So, I have to use “longer tail” keywords to rank. Based on what Google things of my website, this application provides suggested keywords I can rank for.


As with last month, I’m very pleased with the growth of email subscribers.

After starting June with 414 subscribers, my email list sits at 691.

I use MailChimp for now but I’m thinking of switching to a more advanced platform.

Amazon FBA Sales

In late May, I launched a product on Amazon with a friend. Total sales in May were 256.89.

June was our first full-month of selling. Our sales were $1,411.36.

This is revenue, not income. As we still haven’t made our money back from our first order. However, I’m encouraged with the growth and how powerful the Amazon engine really is.

Looking forward, I want to spend more time on this business. For now this means working on optimizing our listing and driving traffic to our product. Eventually, I’d like to have many products in our brand selling well.

But in order to do that, it takes a lot of capital. So, I’m taking this slowly, learning a lot as I go.

What’s Ahead

What’s ahead for TW2W in July?

I want to continue the consistent blogging schedule I started in June. Originally, I had in mind to post Tuesday and Thursday. But now I’m planning to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

Another one of June’s goals was to work through Ruth Soukups Goal Setting Workbook for Bloggers.

This was very helpful to figuring out where I should be spending my time to create my ideal business.

I wrote down my goal to double revenue, which I was able to do.

While it’s a stretch, that again is my goal for July.

I’m looking forward to the challenge!

The June 2017 Blog Income Report for The Ways To Wealth. See how I made over $1,000 and nearly doubled my traffic using Pinterest.