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When compiling reading lists from the world’s best investors, one book I see repeatedly is Joel Greenblatt’s You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

Michael Burry, Dan Loeb, Bill Ackman, David Einhorn, and Seth Klarman have all recommended the book.

In the back of You Can Be A Stock Market Genius there’s a list of books that Joel Greenblatt recommends.

He lists six books as his all-time favorites.

In addition, Greenblatt is an adjunct professor at Columbia’s Business School. I was able to find his 2015 syllabus online, with both the required and recommended reading lists.

Both are posted below.

Joel Greenblatt Reading List: You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

Joel Greenblatt has a much different writing style than what you find in the investment category. When asked, “Are there any other investment books worth reading?” his response was

Q: Are there any other investment books worth reading?
A: No. (Just kidding.) There are no books that I would recommend that exclusively discuss the special-investment situations found in this book. However, there are books that can give you excellent background information on the stock market and on value investing. All of this information can be helpful when applied to investments in the special-situation area. So, if you have the time and the inclination, here is a list of my all-time favorites.

Joel Greenblatt Recommended Books: Value and Special Situation Investing Class

You can see the syllabus here.


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