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18 Easy Part-Time Jobs for All Skill Levels

Barista jobs are one of many easy part time jobs
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Full-time work isn’t the right fit for everyone. Maybe you’re looking for a side hustle, or you have limited time and need to work around your own schedule. For some, an easy part-time job is the best route.

No matter the reason, part-time jobs can be a great way to bring in some money and support yourself or family, or provide supplemental income. We’ve found 18 easy part-time jobs for various skill sets, making your search even easier.

18 Easy Part-Time Jobs

There are plenty of part-time jobs that require extensive experience or certifications. Those jobs are not for this list. Instead, we’re looking at easy part-time jobs that will let you bring in extra money without any extensive courses or costly certifications.

#1. Delivery driver

Average pay: $15.75 per hour

As long as you’re living in a town with more than one restaurant, there’s almost always a demand for delivery drivers. If you’ve got a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record with a love for driving, this could be the spot for you.

Delivery drivers typically make a low hourly rate, but can bring in great money via tips. In fact, a full-time delivery driver can make in the mid-$40s per hour, making it one of the highest-paying accessible jobs you’ll find on this list. But, while it is often easy to find a delivery driver job, the work itself can require odd hours and see you driving into the late night.

#2. Online tutor

Average pay: $15 per hour

In this day and age, tutoring online is both commonplace and a great way to earn a living while making a difference in someone’s life. Even better, many online tutoring jobs don’t require any kind of teaching degree or experience.

Pay starts at around $15 to $20 per hour, and can go up to $30 with experience. Plus, the students and materials are provided for you, so you don’t have to worry about prepping lessons or marketing your services.

You can learn more about the different opportunities, and how. to get started, in our guide to the best online tutoring jobs.

#3. Call center representative

Easy part time jobs: Call center representative

Average pay: $15 per hour

Those with great interpersonal skills and a love for helping others can thrive as a call center representative. There’s often little prior experience required for call center jobs, but you will be expected to learn a product or service. Reps are often responsible for either selling a product or service, or providing assistance to those using it, hence the knowledge requirement.

It’s not uncommon for call center rep positions to be remote, so if you’re looking to work from home, this is an excellent opportunity to pursue.

Check online job boards for call center rep postings in your area. Also, be sure to search for remote positions as well, as this will open up the possibilities in a big way.

#4. Dog walker

Average pay: $15.20 per hour

When it comes to fun job opportunities, few are more appealing than dog walker. As a dog walker you’ll be paid to take people’s dogs out for walks and watch over them.

There are no prerequisites for this role, only a love for dogs and the ability to keep them safe while walking them. To find a job as a dog walker, you can put up a classified ad on any number of sites or in your local paper, or you can go with a site like Wag! to make your search easier.

#5. Pet sitter

Average pay: $18.20 per hour

For those more interested in long-term animal care, pet sitting is a natural, easy part-time job. Pet sitting duties can range from checking on an animal daily to staying in someone’s house for an extended period of time to watch their pet.

If you’re a job seeker who’s passionate about animals and comfortable with doubling as a house sitter in some cases, pet sitting is a fun way to make some extra money. Much like dog walking you can post a classified ad, or use a site such as to assist you with your search.

#6. Babysitter

Average pay: $16.75 per hour for one child

If you fancy yourself more of a people-person than an animal lover, babysitting could be the role for you. Generally speaking, babysitting doesn’t require any prior experience. Being certified in first aid and CPR can help you land a job, however, as it provides peace of mind for those trusting you with their little ones.

If you’re interested in babysitting, you can apply for a job with a local daycare, run a classified ad, or use a babysitting site like Care or Sittercity.

#7. Substitute teacher

Apple, books, and letter blocks

Average pay: $10.53 per hour

Substitute teachers are often in demand and don’t always need a background in teaching. A bachelor’s degree can certainly give you an edge though, and many substitution jobs will require completion of competency tests. The requirements can vary, so be sure to read up on substitute teaching in your area first.

Substitute teachers are responsible with overseeing classroom activities for a period of time while the teacher is on leave. This work can see you teaching in elementary schools, high schools, and secondary schools. And while prior experience isn’t required in every case, substitute teaching can be a great way to see if you’re interested in teaching full-time, which does require extensive schooling.

Many job boards will post substitute teacher jobs. SimplyHired does a great job aggregating them. Also, be sure to check your local school sites, as they will post these jobs quite often.

#8. Uber driver

Average pay: $31.61 per hour

If you enjoy driving, socializing, and don’t want to be a delivery driver for a restaurant, Uber is a great opportunity. As an Uber driver, you’ll use your personal vehicle to pick up passengers in need of transportation.

Unlike being a delivery driver, you have more control over who you pick up and where you’re going as an Uber driver. This gives you the freedom to make money on your schedule and within your comfort zone, as you won’t be surprised with any trips an hour away from home. For parents and others with limited schedules, this can be a huge benefit.

You will need a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record, but no prior professional driving experience is necessary.

#9. Data entry

Average pay: $13.11 per hour

Do you like typing? Are you comfortable with tons of numbers, stats, and bits of information? Data entry could be just the thing you’re looking for.

As a data entry specialist, you’ll be tasked with entering information into a system for a company. For entry-level data entry spots, no experience is necessary but you will need to be a fast typist that’s also accurate. This role can sometimes be done remotely as well (or even as an overnight job), giving it more appeal to those interested in working odd schedules or traveling while they work.

This job can be in-house, requiring you only do data entry for a single company. It can also be freelance or agency-based, in which case you’d work with a number of clients. Take note of the employer when looking for data entry positions, as freelance positions will generally be more flexible but can also have tighter turnaround times.

You can find data entry jobs on most job boards, but FlexJobs does a particularly great job at helping you find remote data entry jobs.

If you’re interested in trying FlexJobs, read our review to learn more about the site and use promo code WEALTH to save 30% on your subscription.

#10. Freelance writer

Average pay: $23.64 per hour

If you have experience writing or fancy yourself a solid writer, freelancing writing can be a great way to make extra money with your talents. Some freelance writing positions will require years of experience or knowledge of a certain industry, but many are accessible for those with little experience, requiring only enthusiasm and a solid grasp of the English language.

If you’re wanting flexible hours and the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of subjects, freelance writing can be a fun, lucrative role. If you want to learn more, read my post about freelance writing jobs for beginners — it’ll show you exactly how to take the next step.

Further reading: Freelance writing sites that pay daily.

#11. Blogger

Person typing on Mac laptop

Average pay: $15 per hour

Unlike freelance writing, blogging requires virtually no experience or preexisting knowledge. If you have an idea and aren’t afraid of doing a little DIY work, blogging can be a fun way to make a name for yourself and eventually bring in some money.

Before you start your blog, you’ll need to come up with a name for your blog, pick a topic or industry to focus on, and pay for a domain and hosting. Beyond that, there’s very little upfront financial investment.

That being said, blogging isn’t going to make you money overnight. Much like starting a small business, blogging will require a lot of work before you start to see a return on your investment, even if that investment is only time. But, with some hard work and dedication you can turn your passion about a certain subject into a money-making opportunity via ads, sponsorships, and commissions.

As for starting your blog, there are a number of hosts you can go with. They can range in price, with Bluehost often being one of the most affordable routes. For special $3 per month pricing, use this exclusive link.

#12. Sales associate

Average pay: $10.30 per hour

Another one of the easy part-time jobs that are suited for those with great interpersonal skills is that of sales associate. As a sales associate, you’ll work for a retail business, selling their products or services.

Sales associate positions often require no previous experience, only asking that applicants have solid social and people skills. Sales associates will have to interact with a lot of people and will occasionally have to deal with difficult customers, making this job a bad fit for those who aren’t comfortable in potentially intense situations.

If you’re okay with the thought of helping customers and meeting sales goals, being a sales associate is a great way to get into a company and make a name for yourself, which can open doors for management positions and beyond.

When looking for sales associate jobs, check various job boards, such as Glassdoor, to find postings in your area.

#13. Customer service representative

Average pay: $13.89 per hour

If de-escalating situations and helping others is your forte, the life of a customer service representative is waiting. Customer service reps help customers overcome any issues they’re experiencing, be they related to a product or service.

This type of role generally requires someone with strong people skills and a cool head during crisis management. If the thought of interacting with potentially upset customers sounds unappealing, this is not the position for you. If you’re up for it, though, customer service reps are an invaluable part of any business and can find solid job security.

Most job boards will have a number of customer service postings. Check CareerBuilder, Indeed, and others to find customer service spots in your area.

#14. Virtual assistant

Average pay: $15.73 per hour

Virtual assistants are an important part of any operation, helping entrepreneurs or business leaders with various tasks throughout their day. This often-remote role requires exceptional organizational skills as well as strong interpersonal skills, as you’ll be helping your client with scheduling and likely speaking with numerous vendors or businesses on their behalf.

Some virtual assistant positions may require prior experience in a certain industry, but many only require that applicants be organized, well-spoken, and comfortable with being a self-starter. This position can be done remotely in many cases as well, making it another great fit for those wanting to stay close to home for personal reasons.

When looking for virtual assistant roles, you can check job boards for a variety of postings. has an extensive list of virtual assistant postings that are only remote, making that site a great route for those wanting flexibility.

#15. Fitness instructor

Easy part time jobs: Women on yoga mats doing workout class

Average pay: $20.16 per hour

If you’re in great shape and love all things fitness, the life of a fitness instructor is an easy part-time job to pursue. Fitness instructors help their clients reach their fitness goals, walking them through various exercises and ensuring they stay safe.

Because fitness instructors need to serve as role models for their clients, they must be in great shape. Beyond this, many fitness instructor roles don’t require any kind of fitness background or certification. If you have any educational background in fitness or health it is a huge plus, however.

If you’re interested in being a fitness instructor, check the major job boards to find postings in your area. This job can’t be done remotely, so you’ll be limited to what you can reasonably commute to.

#16. Social media positions

Average pay: Varies greatly

There are a number of jobs tied to social media, ranging from paid social media poster to social media researcher to social media marketer. Social media positions can require varying degrees of experience, with more entry-level social media posting jobs requiring a love for social media and strong writing. Social media marketing jobs can require a marketing background however, making them harder to get into but oftentimes more lucrative.

If you’re a big social media user, hunt around online and see what kinds of social media jobs you can find that fit your experience and skills. Social media is still growing, and the job market around it is only just getting started.

LinkedIn has a lengthy, ever-changing list of social media jobs available. Check the postings there, along with other job boards, and see what is within your wheelhouse. Again, social media jobs can vary in responsibilities and requirements, so check each description carefully and refer to our detailed guide that goes into specifics about what the most common social media jobs titles mean.

#17. Kitchen staff

Average pay: $18 per hour

Kitchens are fast-paced, often chaotic places. If you thrive under pressure and love being around food, working as a member of the kitchen staff in a restaurant can be a ton of fun, and some people (though admittedly not all) find it to be an easy work environment.

If you don’t have any culinary experience, you can often get your foot in the door as a dishwasher, busser, or sous-chef. Many restaurants cut their kitchen staff in on tips as well, making this one of the best part-time positions as far as earning potential, as long as you’re in an area with a popular restaurant.

There are a number of kitchen staff jobs posted across various job boards. Do some local searches and see what’s in your area.

#18. Barista

Average pay: $10.20 per hour

Is coffee your drink of choice? Do you love interacting with others? The role of barista could be one of the best easy part-time jobs for you. There’s generally no experience required for those wanting to break into the barista role, but you may have to work as a busser or cashier before you’re able to start making drinks, as the training process can be lengthy and involved. (There are a lot of specialty drinks out there.)

Much like a kitchen staff position, baristas often make an hourly wage along with tips, giving this position great earning potential for the right people in the right areas. And similarly to those roles, it has to be the right fit; not all people will find this work easy, and the environment matters — working at the Starbucks drive-through will be a much less rewarding experience that working for a low-key boss at a local cafe where you get to know your regulars.

Finding the Right Easy Part-Time Jobs

Everyone is different and no single part-time job will be the right fit for everyone. Think about what skills you have and whether or not you need to work remotely. This will quickly help you cut down your options and let you focus on the jobs that are the right fit for you. When in doubt, apply to the job and ask tons of questions during the interview. In time, you’ll find a part-time job that’s not only easy, but also right for you.

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