I registered TheWaysToWealth.com on August 25, 2016.

At the time my goals were too:

  • Generate a passive income stream
  • Share with others what I was learning about personal finance
  • Develop skills I could use in both my job and freelancing

Little did I know, in a year I’d leave my job to blog full-time. In two years the blog would generate over 3 million views and over six-figures in revenue.

How to Get your Blog Noticed: 40+ Tips for 3 Million Views in 2 Years

Whether your goal is to blog full-time or want to discover how to get your blog noticed by someone other than your family, I’m confident that applying these tactics can help you accomplish your goals.

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How to Make Your First $1,000 Blogging

General Blogging Tips

If you want to learn how to get your blog noticed, there are some basic things you’ll need.

  1. Start your blog on WordPress with a quality host. See: How To Setup A WordPress Blog.
  2. Unless you’re selling high-end products or affiliates with larger commissions, choose a niche that has the potential to generate a lot of page views.
  3. Don’t pick a domain name you will regret.
  4. From day # 1, set up your blog with SEO in mind. You won’t get traffic right away but a few key steps upfront will mean better traffic down the road. See: WordPress SEO tutorial.
  5. Spend time choosing which content to create. The factors I look at are: a) Potential SEO traffic b) Potential Pinterest traffic c) Monetization. When you’re starting out, don’t just write what’s on your mind. Be strategic.
  6. Build an email list, even if you have no plans to use it right now. If you’re on a tight budget, use Mailchimp.
  7. Headlines matter. Use a headline analyzer to see if you can improve upon existing headlines.
  8. Write about unique things you’ve done or experienced. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. Think of things that many people want to do. e.g. try a new diet for 30 days, do yoga for 30-days, travel hack a trip, etc…
  9. Measure what matters. I track SEO traffic, Pinterest views, revenue, and expenses on a daily basis. On a weekly basis I’ll measure ROI on specific campaigns. On a monthly basis, revenue per visitor.

SEO Traffic Tips

SEO is my favorite type of traffic. Users are highly-motivated to solve a problem when they find a site via search. By creating content that helps people solve their problems, you can build a website of loyal readers.

More so, many bloggers pay no attention to SEO. Not even doing the bare minimum.

Just a basic understanding of SEO can go a long way toward getting your blog noticed.

  1. Download the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress. Have a focus keyword on each post, which gets the green light from Yoast.
  2. For beginners, a great way to pick keywords is through KWFinder. Their free tool allows you to get a quick overview of keywords. Aim for keywords with less than 30 keyword difficulty (you’ll have limited searches per month if you don’t pay).
  3. If you’re on a budget, do all your keyword research in one month by paying for a monthly subscription to a service like KWFinder. You can get all your keywords for an entire year this way.
  4. Edit and upgrade old content. Especially content where you’re on page # 2. See: The Proven Formula for Doubling Your Blog Traffic in 3 Months (Without Creating New Content).
  5. When it comes to length of a post, don’t overthink how long a post should be. Instead, focus on creating the highest quality content for your chosen keyword.
  6. Secure your website with an SSL hosting certificate
  7. Go with a premium theme for design. Many free themes look great but have a lot of unnecessary code that slows down a site. A good beginner theme, which I used before having a custom design, is the eleven40 theme by StudioPress.
  8. Once you get above 100,000 page views, consider a premium host. This costs more but worth the expense for websites driving a lot of traffic. I use and recommend BigScoots.
  9. Measure and improve your page-speed. Use tools like Pingdom and Google Mobile Test for tips and advice.
  10. Write as many high-quality posts as you can. One high-quality post a week is better than 2 average posts.
  11. Add relevant internal links to posts.
  12. Go back to old posts and add relevant internal links from new posts.
  13. Have an About and Contact page located on your menu bar.
  14. Make it a habit to reach out to other bloggers with your content. A good strategy to start with is roundup link building.
  15. Sign up for HARO, or even better any niche platforms that can connect you to content creators, and aim to connect with at least one new journalist a day.

Pinterest Traffic Tips

Pinterest allowed this blog to get from 0 to 100,000 page views a month in a year. It’s gotten a bit harder to drive this much traffic but there is still no better way for bloggers to gain traction quicker than by using Pinterest.

Follow my profile to see my strategy on a day-to-day basis

  1. You can research what topics get the most Pins by entering keywords in BuzzSumo. You’ll only get a few searches a day without paying but that is plenty.
  2. Schedule your pins using an approved Pinterest marketing partner. My favorite and by far the most popular is Tailwind. Click here to get a free month.
  3. Join and contribute to Tailwind Tribes.
  4. Aim for a ratio of Pinning 80% of your own content and 20% of others.
  5. Pin only the highest quality content and Pins from others.
  6. Create multiple Pins per post with different headlines. Often the Pin that ended up going viral for me on a particular post was the 3rd or 4th Pin for that post.
  7. Join highly relevant niche group boards with a limited amount of contributors.
  8. Drop group boards that don’t perform well.
  9. Use Pinterest search to help determine your keywords.
  10. Add relevant hashtags to your Pins.
  11. Add your own website’s hashtag on all your Pins, i.e. #thewaystowealth
  12. Pin seasonal content.
  13. Publish and start Pinning seasonal content 30-60 days before it peaks.
  14. Link your Pinterest account throughout your content, asking for readers to follow you.

Facebook Organic Traffic Tips

By consistently posting content to my Facebook Page, I’m able to drive a few hundred visitors a day at no cost.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Anyone who liked a post, ask them to like your page.
  2. See which posts perform well by clicking on the “# of total people reached” on the bottom of a post and looking at link clicks. Promote similar content.
  3. Ask questions in the text to promote quality comments.
  4. Share high-quality content (a good place to look is BuzzSumo to see which type of content works well on Facebook)

Facebook Paid Traffic Tips

My theory was that if I couldn’t make money driving paid traffic to my blog, I wouldn’t make money with free traffic. So, in October of 2017 I began driving traffic via Facebook.

There’s no coincidence this is when the blog really took off. I went from about $3K in September to $11K in January.

Here are a few tips for getting started:

  1. Not sure whether or not your blog is worth advertising? See whether top blogs are advertising on Facebook by going to their Facebook page and clicking on Info and Ads.
  2. If you’re aiming to drive traffic, optimize for landing page views.
  3. Choose large audiences. An audience that consistently works well for me is 2% lookalike of my website visitors. This audience is over 4,000,000 in size.
  4. Start advertising the organic posts which received the highest click through rates.
  5. Have a system for testing. I’ll test the audience, image, headline, and text in that order. Then, start again from the beginning.
  6. I learned Facebook Traffic Ads from Monica Louie of Flourish with Facebook Ads. Her course is excellent.
  7. The Art of Paid Traffic is a great podcast on Facebook Advertising.
  8. Measure the ROI on each post by setting up Sub IDs.
  9. Increase your budget slowly. I’ll typically increase around 15% a day if the cost per landing page view stays constant.
  10. Start with a small budget (I start with $5 per Ad Set) and let run for a few days.