Welcome to the 2nd annual list of the top money management posts of the year.

If you’re looking for practical, insightful and educational blog posts to help you achieve your money goals — you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no shortage of high-quality personal finance bloggers. But for the 2nd straight year, I decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop.

No matter where you’re at on your journey to financial freedom, the tips, tools, and techniques in the posts below will help.

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Good Reads For All  Good Reads for All


Good Decisions Can Have Bad Outcomes (and Vice Versa) via Oblivious Investor

ExcerptPoint being: A decision is good or bad based on what was known at the time of the decision, not based on how it turned out.

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Making Your Own ‘What To Do If…’ Plan via Sound Mind Investing

Excerpt: …organizing your financial life so that your spouse could take care of your household’s financial affairs if you were no longer around.  

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It’s Time To Declutter: Free Your Home Of Unnecessary Junk via Boomer & Echo

ExcerptYou don’t want to leave your family a houseful of meaningless clutter. Chances are, your kids will probably wind up throwing out most things. Never waste an opportunity to do some advanced downsizing of your own.

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How to get the best term life insurance via My Own Advisor

ExcerptAt the end of the day life insurance is not for you.  It’s for your loved ones.  If you don’t already look at life insurance this way – consider this: life insurance is about transferring risk away from you to someone else.  It’s a risk management approach.  It’s designed to protect the financial security of those you love should a catastrophic event unfortunately occur.  I encourage you to consider your needs and choose wisely.

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Act like a millionaire via Centsibly Rich

ExcerptYou can learn from the success of these millionaires no matter what stage of life you are in, financially and otherwise. I say, fake it ‘til you make it – imitate their behaviors to get ahead in life. Act like a millionaire.

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How Much Would You Replace If You Lost Everything? via The Money Beagle

ExcerptBut it still got me thinking, what happens when you lose everything?  The latest tragedy on the news is the Northern California wildfires.  The images on TV show fire taking out entire neighborhoods.  In many cases, not a thing is left standing.  There is absolutely nothing to save. So what would you do if that happens to you?

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The Single Most Powerful Personal Finance Tool via Matt About Money

Excerpt: If a tool existed that would give you a strong sense of control over your finances and help keep your financial stress low, wouldn’t you use it?

If this tool served as a financial road map, showing you clearly how you could live within your means, generously support the causes you care about, and save or invest for future goals, wouldn’t you use it?

And if this same tool helped create a sense of financial teamwork and trust in your marriage, wouldn’t you use it?

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How To Get Rich: The Steps To Build Wealth Now via Making Sense of Cents

Excerpt:  For many people, learning how to get rich may seem impossible and completely unattainable, but that’s simply not true. Building wealth and learning how to get rich is about your mindset, and figuring out how to get rich nowis better than waiting any longer.

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Stop Worrying About Money via Living Well Spending Less

Excerpt: If you’re worried about your finances, know there’s help available and you’re not alone! Here are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to lessen your money worries and come out on top.

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Best Personal Financial Planning Tips I’ve Ever Received via The Practical Saver

Excerpt: I call these lessons the best secret free financial lessons I’ve learned in my life even though these secret lessons are those tips and tricks that people overlooked and don’t put into action.

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5 Financial Truths I Didn’t Know I Needed to Hear via Club Thrifty

ExcerptSure, the terrible advice I’ve been given has left a lasting impression, but I’ve also been offered some amazing advice that I use to guide my financial decisions to this day. While there’s plenty of good advice on the web, there’s some financial advice I wish I could shout from the rooftops! Yep, it’s that good… and it can make a huge difference in your quality of life and the way you build wealth. Here are five of the best financial nuggets of wisdom I have ever received, along with how they’ve changed me:

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Good Reads for Millennials

Good Reads for Millennials

4 Smart Money Moves for Getting Ahead Financially in Your 20s via Modest Money

Excerpt: So you have enjoyed your youth, graduated with a degree or earned a professional designation, and landed your first real job. Now it is time to grow up, knuckle down and make something of your life. It is a sad fact that many people do not start saving for their retirement until they are in their early 40s, and many people are barely able to stay ahead of their bills well into their 30s.

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35 Money Questions You Should Be Able To Answer By 35 via The Financial Diet

ExcerptMaster these, and you can not only sound smart about money, but you’ll be able to make smarter decisions with yours, too.

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First Time Home Buyer? Here is What You Should Know Before You Buy! via Wallet Squirrel

Excerpt: Last week I had a friend on Facebook ask a really important question for anyone that is going to be a first time home buyer. She asked, “Things you wish people would’ve told you before you bought your first house.” The responses she received were really good and I thought were also very important for any of you considering to buy your first house.

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5 Financial Goals You Should Accomplish Before Turning 30 via Millennial Money Man

ExcerptI do think that one of the interesting side-effects of getting closer to the end of your twenties is that you start to think about what you’ve accomplished so far as an adult, where you’re going, and if you’re even on track with wherever you’re “supposed” to be. Here are 5 Financial Goals that Millennials should accomplish before hitting the dreaded 30:

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5 Things Millennials Need To Understand About Money In 2017 via Broke Millennial

ExcerptWe all know to pay yourself first, have an emergency fund, you can snowball or avalanche your way out of debt. There are plenty of personal finance clichés and idioms, and for good reason. For the most part, though worn out, they’re true. This list, however, is not generalities. It’s five things you – as a millennial – need to understand about money in 2017.

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7 Personal Finance Lessons I Wish Everyone Learned in High School via Good Financial Cents

Excerpt: Here’s a look at some of the essentials I wish I would have learned in high school and I think should be taught today.

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 Getting Out of Debt

Getting Out of Debt

10 top quotes about money and debt – which is your favourite? via Enemy of Debt

Excerpt: ...my favourite debt quotations range from the Romans to 21st century America! I’ve put them roughly in date order but, as you will see, not a lot has changed over the centuries.

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The Best Debt Crushing Tips from 11 Inspiring Debt Bloggers via My Money Wizard

ExcerptI’ve rounded up 11 of the internet’s top debt bloggers, and they’re all here to share their stories. Some overcame daunting student loans, and others were drowning in credit card debt. But they’ve all successfully overcome their debt, and I’ve asked each to share their single most important tip for killing debt.

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Credit Card Debt – Don’t Let It Wreck Your Plan via The Astute Advisor

ExcerptCredit card debt is the enemy of financial success. Not all debt is created equal and there are no set standards as to what is considered too much debt. What is manageable for one may not be for another. Don’t underestimate the power of compound interest. With credit cards, it’s not your friend. If you want to succeed financially, you need to break the cycle of credit card debt.

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How We Paid Off Over 60K in Student Loans in Just Two Years via My Family on a Budget

Excerpt: With a newly crisp Political Science degree (Josh) and teaching degree (Julie), we set out to conquer the world to the tune of $60,000 in debt.  Just two short years later on May 25th, 2017 we made our final student loan payment.  Here’s how we attacked our student loan debt to take back our finances and start living life on our own terms.

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10 Crucial Steps To Getting Out of Debt via Penny Pinchin Mom

Excerpt: If you feel the burden of debt, you are not alone.  Debt can be soul crushing and make you feel as if you are drowning. But that is not how it has to be.  When you follow these crucial steps for getting out of debt, you get to regain control of your finances.  And your life.

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7 Steps to Getting Rid of Student Loan Debt That Most People Haven’t Tried via The Penny Hoarder

Excerpt: When it comes to paying off student loans, here are some smart ways pay them down faster — before they balloon to an unmanageable amount.

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Compounding Interest: Good vs Bad via Money is not Taboo

Excerpt: When I was teaching at the local Junior College, my curriculum had a chapter on MONEY, a chapter that I was excited to teach, as I got to talk about income, investing, retirement, debt, and compounding interest. In these teachings, I presented the concept of “Good Interest and Bad Interest,” both of which can be confounding.

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 Making Money

Making Money

10 Great Lists to Make Money From Home via Chasing Foxes

ExcerptAnd whether you like the idea of working in your pajamas, location independence, or setting your own schedule, there are plenty of options to look into. In fact, I’ve found quite a few posts that show how to make money from home.

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7 Proven Ways to Come Up with New Business Ideas – With Real Life Examples via Side Hustle Nation

Excerpt: I’ve got good news for you: coming up with new business ideas is actually pretty easy.

It’s what comes next that’s hard!

But today, let’s go through some of the proven methods you can use to come up with your first (or next) business idea.

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How To Create Passive Income With No Money via The College Investor

Excerpt: …today I wanted to tackle another question that often comes up: How can I create passive income with no money?

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101 Awesome and Reliable Ways to Make Extra Money via Debt Roundup

Excerpt: If you were like me with a full-time job and a good amount of debt, then the only way you might think of earning more is by getting a raise at work. That, or moving over to a new company. Unfortunately, waiting for a raise or promotion is a terrible way to earn extra money. I wouldn’t suggest it, so that’s why I’m giving you so many different ways to make extra money, starting as early as today.

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How We’re Generating Passive Income in 2017 via Retire by 40

Excerpt: …a monthly series to keep track of our passive income. 

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12 Side Hustles to Earn an Extra $1,000 in 30 Days via Wallet Hacks

Excerpt: That’s why I scoured the interwebs for an exhaustive list of creative side hustles – this list will have at least one thing that will be your perfect hustle so you can earn extra money.

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50+ Creative Side Hustles to Make Money Right Now via Well Kept Wallet

Excerpt: Making money online is one of my favorite ways to make extra cash because I can do so without leaving the comfort of my own home. There are countless ways to make money online. Keep in mind you may need to have a website to make this happen.

Here are some things you can do online to make some extra money each month.

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Saving & Budget

Saving & Budgeting

How I Fell Back in Love with Saving Money via Invibed

ExcerptAlthough my balance is smaller now than it was when I was 20, watching it grow is bringing back some familiar feelings. I really do love the feeling of saving money, and I think it’s the kind of thing where you just don’t get it until you do it. I promise once you get started, you’re going to feel more in control and also have a better perspective in regards to your job. My grandpa always reminds me, “Pay yourself first,” and if you’re not, it’s only natural to feel like you’re working for nothing.

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50 Ways To Save $500+ Each Month via Fitnancials

ExcerptSaving a few bucks daily can amount to hundreds of dollars a month, or even thousands over the course of a year depending on how aggressively you save. By following these money-saving tips, you can pay off your student loans or car, and even start investing some of your money.

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Wealth Is Relative – Remember This And Be Happier via The Financial Panther

Excerpt: I don’t make six figures anymore. A lot of lawyers would think I must not be doing all that well income wise. I think I’m the opposite. With no student loans, a cost of living that is affordable, and an income that is higher than most people my age, I think I’m doing pretty good for myself. I feel pretty wealthy.

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21 Days to $2,100: The Ultimate Money Saving Challenge via Dollar Sprout

ExcerptYou’re fed up with living paycheck to paycheck and you’ve decided, once and for all, that you are going to get ahead on your savings. You are going to crush The Ultimate Money Saver Challenge. $2,100…in 21 days. It’s going to take some crazy discipline, but you got this.

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If You Can Afford to Spend It, You Can Afford to Save It via Budget Are Sexy

Excerpt: Check out this awesome new savings idea I just heard, along with a raw and transparent history of someone’s real financial life who just laid it all out in an email for us to gawk at today!

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17 Money Saving Strategies We Used to Triple Our Savings Rate via Distilled Dollar

ExcerptWe gained a whole new respect for frugality and the people who have consistently been saving 60% of their income. Now that we’re up in these numbers, we feel it is almost easier to stay here than it was to get here. Once the habits are in place, the momentum takes care of itself.

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How To Pay For College via Beth Kobliner

ExcerptAnd while it may seem like you need to be a CPA just to navigate the ins and outs of paying for college, the basics of the system are quite straightforward. (The process? Less so.) I’ve always wished families could picture all the pieces of the college money puzzle in one handy chart, so I created this visual guide to the college money fundamentals.

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How and Why Asset Allocation Works via Million Dollar Journey

ExcerptThe first step in building a long term passive portfolio is deciding on your risk tolerance which means deciding on your split of equities/bonds. To me, it’s not really deciding on the “risk” of your portfolio, but your tolerance for volatility (major swings in portfolio value).

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A Message for My Young Friends via Reformed Broker

ExcerptAssuming you are debt-free, contributing the max to a 401(k) or other tax-deferred account and you are living within your means on an annual basis, the decision to start investing should not be put off for even another day. The people you know in their 40’s and 50’s, regardless of how knowledgeable they are about investing, would trade a hell of a lot to be in your shoes right now and not just because you’re having more sex than they are.

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An Interactive Guide to Early Retirement and Financial Independence via Minafi

Excerpt: … for this post, think of financial independence (abbreviated FI) as the point where if for any reason you stopped working, you’d be set for the rest of your life at your desired lifestyle. What you choose to do with your life at that point is up to you! After making your way through this post and filling in your numbers, you’re going to know what you’ll need to do in order to make it happen.

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6 Different Ways to Invest in Real Estate (from $10 to $100,000) via PT Money

Excerpt: Of course, not everyone wants to be a full-time real estate investor, nor should everyone become one, but I believe that everyone could benefit by allocating some of their wealth into a real estate investment. The problem is – real estate is very expensive. Most people simply can’t drop a few hundred thousand and buy some rental property. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to invest in real estate without becoming a real estate investor and without needing a ton of money.

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How to Start Investing Even When You’re Almost Broke via MoneyQA

Excerpt: …it is possible to get started in investing, even when you’re practically broke. Whether you’re just starting out in your career and making payments on a huge student loan debt, or you’ve recently switched careers and it feels like you’re starting from scratch, there are ways to prioritize your investment strategy at all stages of life, even if it seems impossible at first.

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Financial Independence

Financial Independence & Retirement

Using the Rule of 300 to estimate how much money you need for financial freedom via The Monevator

Excerpt: The Rule of 300 is dead simple. To use it you need two numbers, and one of those is 300…Take your monthly expenditure. Multiply it by 300. The result is how much you’ll need to have saved to keep living like you do today after you jack in your job.

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What Would You Do If You Didn’t Have to Work? via Afford Anything

Excerpt: I see money as a tool that allows me to live a flexible, independent life. Investing allows me to explore the world. I see the world as a giant playground, and life as an epic field trip. It’s filled with learning, teaching, games, books, jokes, friendships, laughter, swingsets and donuts. Lots and lots of donuts.

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How to Retire on $1 Million or Less via ESI Money

Excerpt: The steps to FIRE won’t surprise you. They involve earning, saving, and investing. ? There are many ways to work those three to reach FIRE, but there are also some common threads. Here are the basic steps of the FIRE movement:

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The $50 A Day Early Retirement Strategy via Millennial Money

ExcerptThis is the single most important hack I’ve used to build wealth. It’s easy.

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The Ten Commandments Of Early Retirement via The Retirement Manifesto

ExcerptIf you’re serious about wanting to retire early, follow these Ten Commandments Of Early Retirement.  They’re built on what worked for us during our 32-year journey toward our early retirement at Age 55

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