Crowd Cow Promo Code: $50 Discount Off Your First Order

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Crowd Cow — an online marketplace for high-quality, grass-fed meat — offers first-time customers a $50 discount when using this referral link.

This is a limited-time deal with no specified end date. Typically, the Crowd Cows referral code gives $25.

No coupon code is required; the discount will automatically activate within your shopping cart. 

The minimum order size is $99 before tax and shipping. Shipping is free for orders of $149 or more, but $24.99 for orders under that figure. If you sign up for a free membership (which has no commitment), you’ll get free shipping on orders over $149 

About Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is a meat delivery service that offers high-quality, sustainably-raised products from small farms across the United States. Customers can choose from various types of meat — including grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken and heritage-breed pork — and have it delivered directly to their door. The company’s mission is to support small farms and give customers access to ethically-raised meat.

I’ve been a regular customer of Crowd Cow since 2020 and have enjoyed access to high-quality meat delivered at an affordable price. In my in-depth Crowd Cow review, I compared its prices to other direct-to-consumer meat companies and found them slightly lower. 

As a family of five, we typically order the family packs, storing them in our chest freezer when they arrive. 

Crowd Cow's family packs offer some nice savings for those with room in their freezer.
Crowd Cow’s family packs offer some nice savings for those with room in their freezer.

Reviewing other meat delivery companies, I often found that I opened a delivery only to have it be partially thawed or, in some cases, completely thawed and at a temperature above what’s considered safe. With Crowd Cow, all my orders have been delivered frozen solid. 

Crowd Cow Referral Program

When you refer a friend to Crowd Cow, they’ll get $50 off their first order, and you’ll get $50 credit towards your next order once they’ve made a purchase. The referral program is open to those who have placed an order, and any referral credit expires three months after it’s issued.

Other Online Meat Promotional Offers

If you want to save money on groceries and support sustainable agriculture, you may also be interested in services like Imperfect Produce and Misfit Markets.

Both services are known for offering boxes of “ugly” fruits and vegetables but also include many meat options from high-end sources. 

With the current Imperfect Foods promo, you can get up to $20 off your first order, while a Misfits Market referral code will give you $10 off your first order.

Crowd Cow Promo FAQs

Can the Crowd Cow promo code be used with other promotions or discounts?

Yes. Crowd Cow offers members a free product on orders over $149. In the past, I’ve been able to receive steaks and wagyu ground beef for placing an order over $149.

How long is the Crowd Cow promo code valid for?

The offer allows you to earn on your first order, with no requirement for placing that order a certain time after registering. 

Is there a minimum order amount required to use the Crowd Cow promo code?

There is a minimum order amount of $99, whether you’re using a referral code or not. 

What is Crowd Cow’s return policy?

Crowd Cow’s policy doesn’t allow for money back on items purchased. 

What is the shipping and delivery process for Crowd Cow orders, and how long does it take?

After you place an order with Crowd Cow, you get an estimated delivery date. Shipping times vary depending on your location, but for many regions, boxes can arrive in as little as two days from when they leave the fulfillment center. You can also choose to have your order shipped in the future on certain dates.

Orders typically ship out the next day. And in the over one dozen boxes I’ve ordered, the meat has always been frozen with dry ice to spare. Crowd Cow doesn’t offer expedited shipping options, nor does it require a signature for delivery.

Crowd Cow Promo Code: Final Verdict

A $50 Crowd Cow discount is a nice incentive for first-time users, but with their high shipping cost, it only saves you money if you purchase over $149 worth of meat. 

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