Misfits Market Referral Code: $10 Off Your First Order

Misfits Market Promo Codes
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New Misfits Markets customers can get $10 off their first order by signing up with our referral link

The code should automatically apply when you click this link. If it doesn’t, enter COOKWME-CL1DOVJUUMY when signing up to activate the $10 discount code.

Note that Misfit Markets’ minimum order is $30, and all orders have a $6.99 minimum shipping fee (which varies by zip code). This shipping fee does not count toward your minimum order amount.

Misfits Market Overview

Misfits Market is a subscription-based service that delivers fresh produce and pantry staples. The company’s mission is to reduce food waste and make fresh, healthy produce accessible and affordable for everyone. 

I tested Misfit Markets and have now ordered from the company eight times. 

The pantry staples — such as olive oil, nut butter and flour — are incredibly cheap and high-quality. Unfortunately, since the produce is shipped via USPS, it isn’t as fresh as other subscription grocery services I’ve tried, such as Imperfect Foods (which has its own delivery trucks). 

Read our Imperfect Foods review and see our Imperfect Foods promo code page to get $20 off your first order. 

That’s why I typically place a bulk order every other month, getting just these pantry staples instead of a weekly delivery. (You can easily customize the date and frequency of your delivery, and there’s no mandatory ongoing subscription.) 

Misfits Market Referral Program

Once you’ve placed your first order, you can join the Misfits Market referral program. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Refer a friend to Misfit Market using your unique referral code.
  2. Your friend will receive $10 off their first order when they use your code at checkout.
  3. You will receive a $10 credit toward your next order.

There is a limit of 30 referrals per calendar year.

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