MoneyLion Referral Code: $5 Bonus + $50 Direct Deposit Promo

MoneyLion Referral Code
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MoneyLion referral code:$thewaystowealth
You get:$55 in bonuses.
We get:$55 in bonuses.
Requirements:Activate your account to get $5, receive a direct deposit of $100 or more to get $50.
When?Bonus is paid out within two weeks of meeting the requirements.

MoneyLion is an all-in-one financial app that offers banking, investing, crypto and loans. 

When you sign up for MoneyLion using our link, you’ll get a $5 bonus. You can also manually enter referral code $thewaystowealth during signup to activate this bonus.

No deposit is required and signing up won’t affect your credit score. 

In addition to the $5 bonus, you can earn an additional $50 bonus by setting up direct deposit. To qualify for the direct deposit bonus, you must receive a qualifying transaction of $100 or more within 60 days of opening your account.

You can then earn a third bonus of $5 in crypto when you buy $10 or more of crypto.

Important: MoneyLion has a $1 monthly admin fee, but you can close your account at any time and still keep your bonus funds. 

MoneyLion says it takes up to two weeks for the referral offer funds to be deposited into your account. 

Sign up with our MoneyLion referral link.

MoneyLion Referral Program

MoneyLion’s referral program, which is open to anyone with a RoarMoney account, allows you to earn up to $55 in referral bonuses upon a successful referral. 

You get $5 when someone activates their account, plus $50 when the referral meets the direct deposit requirement. There is no limit to the number of friends and family you can refer. 

Bonuses take between 24 hours and two weeks to hit your account. 

MoneyLion Referral Code: Our Final Verdict

No-deposit signup bonuses from banks are rare.

Taking that into account, this is a relatively easy $5. If you’re interested, Robinhood’s current promo has no deposit requirements, and Webull’s current promo only requires you to deposit $0.01.

As for the $50 direct deposit bonus, there are some better offers out there. One of our favorites is Chime, which gives you a $100 bonus when setting up a qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more within 45 days.

See more offers in our list of sites that pay you for signing up.

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