Get a 250 Kick Bonus with Shopkick Referral Code WIN521288

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Shopkick referral code:WIN521288
What you get:250 bonus Kicks
What we get:250 bonus Kicks
Requirements:Earn 10 Kicks within 14 days

Shopkick offers new users 250 kicks after earning 10 Kicks on the platform within 14 days of signing up. These 10 kicks can be earned from any activity except watching videos.

Our Shopkick referral link will automatically apply the referral code, but to confirm that it’s been activated, you can go to your profile page, tap “Have a Code” and check whether the code WIN521288 appears. If it doesn’t, make sure to enter the code WIN521288 before earning your first 10 Kicks in Shopkick.

Here’s where to find it in the app:

Where to add the Shopkick Referral code
If the referral code doesn’t show up, enter it in the “Have a code?” section.

What’s the Fastest Way to Earn Shopkick Rewards?

Shopkick allows you to earn rewards by completing various activities, including:

  • Walk-ins: Earn rewards by walking into participating stores.
  • Scans: Scan specific products in-store using the app to earn rewards.
  • Receipts: Upload receipts from participating stores to earn rewards.
  • Linked cards: Link a credit or debit card to the app to earn purchase rewards.
  • In-store shopping: Earn rewards for making purchases at participating stores.
  • Videos: Watch short product videos to earn rewards. 

Here’s a breakdown of how we earned rewards when testing out the app for our Shopkick review:

Task TypeTasks CompletedTotal Earnings
Linked cards:0$0
In-Store shopping:0$0
Video ads:3$0.03
Total earnings:32$3.23

Overall, we found scans to be the best way to earn. 

Typically, scans on the Shopkick app will earn you between 20 and 40 Kicks, equivalent to between 7.84 cents and 15.68 cents. You can boost those earnings by taking advantage of frequently-offered “2X Kick” bonuses, which will double the rewards earned from scans.

How to Cash-Out With Shopkick

The gift card with the lowest minimum is Target, for which you need 500 Kicks ($2). To redeem points for most gift cards, including Walmart gift cards and Amazon gift cards, you need 1,250 Kicks ($5). 

You can also get $10 PayPal cash as a reward, but there’s a 50 Kick transaction fee built into the 2,550 Kicks needed to redeem your points for this option.

Shopkick Referral Code: Final Verdict

We think Shopkick is a fun app with limited earning potential, and we found other higher-paying shopping apps, such as Ibotta (see our Ibotta review) and Fetch Rewards (see our Fetch Rewards review). 

However, with the easy-to-earn bonus and low minimum cash-out requirements, testing the app within one store for a few minutes is enough to earn you a gift card. 

You can read our Shopkick review to learn more. 

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