Temu Referral Code for New Users: Get $100 Coupon Bundle

Temu Referral Code Example
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If you’re new to Temu, using a referral code when downloading the app can unlock a $100 coupon bundle. 

You can activate the code by clicking our Temu referral link. If the code doesn’t automatically show up in the box that appears, you can type in inc90691.

The $100 coupon bundle includes the following:

  1. $25 off orders of $50 or more sitewide.
  2. $15 off orders of $75+ sitewide (three times).
  3. $30 off orders of $100+ sitewide.

The coupon bundle is valid for a limited time. In my case, it was good for 1 day, 13 hours and 7 minutes. 

So unless you plan to make multiple purchases and do so separately, this limited-time offer more or less acts as a single coupon code. 

The coupon bundle will be loaded into your account instantly.

What Is Temu?

Temu is a Chinese e-commerce platform launched in the U.S. in September 2022. 

It offers a wide range of low-cost items, with standard shipping being free. All items are shipped from China and have a tracking number. 

However, the shipping times are longer than many online retailers, at around two weeks. 

You can read our full Temu review to learn more. 

Temu Affiliate Program

The Temu affiliate program offers existing users two ways to earn through their own referrals:

  1. Referral Downloads. You earn a commission when someone downloads the Temu app using your referral link.
  2. Coupon Code Usage. If a new user uses your unique coupon code when purchasing, you earn up to 20% commission.

You gain immediate access to your referral link and coupon code as soon as you sign up. 

Benefits of the program include:

  1. Receive a $5 welcome gift for joining the program.
  2. Earn $3 the first time you share your link.
  3. Earn up to $5 on referral downloads (new users only).
  4. The top 50 affiliates with the highest three-day earnings win cash bonuses totaling $10,000.

The program has a minimum payout of $20 via PayPal and can be withdrawn as soon as you reach that figure.

How to Find Your Temu Referral Code

Finding your unique Temu referral code or app download referral link can be done via the app, desktop, or smartphone browser. However, there’s no direct navigation to the referral program page. Instead, you can gain access by typing “affiliate” into the search box.

Once you’ve accessed the referral program page, you can find your unique referral code and app download link. 

Our Thoughts

The $100 coupon bundle with the Temu referral code is a compelling offer for new users. With potential savings like $50 off a $100 purchase, it’s an attractive incentive to try out the platform.

However, it is essential to understand the fine print. Only one coupon can be applied per purchase, and the coupons expire relatively quickly. This means that to utilize the $100 coupon bundle fully, you must make multiple purchases within a short timeframe.

If you have specific items you’ve been planning to buy, this could be a great opportunity to make those purchases and enjoy significant savings. However, if you don’t have immediate shopping needs, the fast expiration of the coupons might limit the actual value you get from the bundle.

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