Belcampo Review: My Experience With The Popular Organic Meat Delivery Service

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Belcampo is an online meat delivery service for fresh, high-quality cuts of beef, pork, poultry and lamb. 

I’ve previously ordered from (and liked) Crowd Cow, White Oak Pastures and other organic meat delivery services, but I wanted to try Belcampo because it’s one of a very small number of companies that offers not only organic meat but meat that was raised on regenerative farms.

In this Belcampo review, I’ll discuss how the service works, the different products offered and whether the price is worth it.


Belcampo delivers organic, sustainably-raised meats. We tested cuts of beef, pork and lamb, and the quality was high across the board. The biggest downside is the price, which we found higher than other direct-to-consumer farms. Additionally, Belcampo’s selection is decent but not as wide as some of its competitors.

  • Very high-quality meat.
  • A la carte and subscription offerings.
  • Good (but not expansive) selection of beef, pork, poultry and lamb.
  • Eco-friendly packaging and the meat was frozen solid upon arrival.
  • More expensive than comparable sustainable farm operations.
  • Subscriptions cannot be customized.
  • Recent negative press for improper sourcing.
  • No fish or bison.
  • Not all products are certified organic.

How Belcampo Works

Belcampo is a direct-to-consumer meat delivery service that sources its products from both its own farm in California and an approved supplier network. In addition to their online store, they have a butcher shop in Santa Monica, CA.

What makes Belcampo different from other organic meat delivery services is the company’s commitment to sustainable farming practices.

For example, not all organic 100% grass-fed beef is sustainably raised. A large grass-fed cattle operation could theoretically purchase the grass they feed their animals from outside farms and then limit their animals’ access to pastures, all the while calling the cattle “100% grass-fed.”

Sustainable or regeneratively-raised beef, on the other hand, promotes animals having a much more natural habitat where they’re grazing on a variety of natural grasses all day. 

Plus, while meat production is often criticized for its negative impact on climate change, regenerative farming has actually been shown to reduce carbon emissions — and that’s aside from the fact that studies have found that regeneratively-farmed meat is healthier for you.

For example, Dr. Mark Hyman, Head of Strategy and Innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, writes in his book The Pegan Diet:

Regeneratively raised cows, as opposed to just grass-fed ones, may eat dozens and dozens of different plant species as they forage. Each plant contains different phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Different plants extract different nutrients from the soil. For example, foraging grass-fed dairy cows have up to 23 times more powerful anti-cancer, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory compounds called monoterpenes compared to conventional dairy cows.

— Dr. Mark Hyman

Belcampo’s meats are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and Certified Humane. However, there are no guarantees that meats sourced from partner farms are organic or humane — only that they adhere to the overall production standards set by Belcampo.

You have the option of buying a la carte or purchasing meat with a monthly subscription. Ordering via subscription saves you 10% off a la carte prices.

There are three different subscription options.

Box NameContentsPriceCost per lb.
Everyday Beef BoxKeto meatballs (2), ground beef (2), strip steak (1), beef stew and kebab meat (2), London broil (2).$109.72$13.72 per lb.
Everyday Chicken BoxChicken breasts (2), chicken thighs (2), chicken wings (2), whole chicken (1), chicken drumsticks (2).$135.82$12.35 per lb.
Meal Prep BoxChicken breasts (2), lemon pepper chicken breast (1), ground beef (2), London broil (2), beef carnitas (2).$98.92$13.93 per lb.

Unfortunately, you can’t customize your subscription.

Delivery on both a la carte and subscription orders is free for orders of $99+.

Belcampo Meat Selection

Belcampo offers a good selection of beef, pork, poultry and lamb. It does not offer fish, bison or any of the more “exotic” meats offered by competitors. 

You’ll find standard cuts on the site, as well as offal (organ meat), bones, jerky, pre-seasoned cuts and sausages. Fully-cooked options including keto meatballs and carnitas are also available.

Our Belcampo Experience

For our first order, we went with pasture-raised pork belly, pasture-raised pork shoulder, grass-fed ground lamb and organic ground beef.

Belcampo order history.
The contents of our first Belcampo order.

We usually get our chicken from Cooks Venture via Imperfect Foods, so we did not test Belcampo’s chicken for this review.


Our order arrived in a recyclable cardboard box with recyclable insulation packed in dry ice that was just about melted by the time it arrived.

Belcampo meat delivery packaging.
Our Belcampo order was fully frozen upon arrival.

Fortunately, the contents were still frozen solid. While it is possible to refreeze meat that has been thawed once, it can reduce the quality. So I like to avoid that whenever possessive (especially when I’m paying for premium-quality cuts).


On the pork side, we tested out both a pork belly and pork shoulder.

This was my first attempt at serving such a high-quality oven-braised pork shoulder, and what was noticeably different from meat I’ve worked with in the past was the dark meat contained within the shoulder after it had been cooked. 

For comparison’s sake, the same cut from Costco comes out all white meat.

I’ve always found pork shoulders (specifically pulled pork) great for feeding a crowd. So I cooked the oven-braised pork shoulder while hosting some neighbors for dinner. Beyond the coloring, what stood out was the flavor compared to a conventionally-raised pork shoulder; instead of having to drench the meat in BBQ sauce, it tasted great with just a basic rub.


We purchased an 85/15 ground beef value pack.

Belcampo Organic Ground Beef.
Belcampo’s value packs come pre-proportioned in one-pound blocks.

Priced at $94.90 at the time of our purchase, the value pack contains 10 pounds of ground beef. This is on the higher side in terms of cost when compared to other farms that sell 100% organic, grass-feed and sustainably-raised beef. 

So far, we’ve made burgers and ground beef tacos with our order. And as with the pork, we’ve found the quality to be very high.


We purchased two pounds of ground lamb, which we cooked up in what we like to call a gyro bowl (which is gyro-seasoned ground lamb served in a bowl of rice, with lettuce, olives, roasted peppers, shredded carrot and tzatziki sauce).

Again, the quality was very high. In particular, it noticeably lacked the gamey taste and smell you often get with lamb.

The Belcampo Scandal

I learned about the “Belcampo Scandal” when doing some research for this review — well after placing our order and testing the meat we received.

To summarize, in May 2021, an ex-employee posted images on social media claiming that the meat shipped by Belcampo was different from what they were supposedly selling. These posts have since been taken down.

Belcampo acknowledges that some of what the ex-employee said was true, claiming that it was the result of improper practices from partner farms that supplied the offending beef. 

The issue got a lot of press — so much so, in fact, that it’s currently the #1 question on Belcampo’s FAQ page.

Belcampo scandal FAQ

Belcampo Cost Comparison

Belcampo’s prices are higher than when buying organic meat from farms that don’t follow strict regenerative practices.

I regularly order from Crowd Cow, which offers meat from a wide variety of high-quality small farms, and as you can see below, the prices are substantially lower. However, the tradeoff is that not all meat on Crowd Cow is certified organic, 100% grass-fed, and/or raised on regenerative farms.

Type of MeatCost Per Pound
BelcampoCrowd Cow
Ground Beef$9.79$7.59
Whole Chicken$10.19$4.74
Pork Chops$25.99$8.98

If price is your top concern this is quite the difference.

White Oak Pastures is another one of my favorite meat delivery services. In addition to being a regenerative farm, I’ve found the prices at White Oak Pastures less than Belcampo.

Cost Per Pound
BelcampoWhite Oak Pastures
Ground Beef$9.79$8.99
Whole Chicken$10.19$6.88
Pork Chops$25.99$19.98

While both Belcampo and White Oak Pastures offer excellent quality, the prices at White Oak Pastures are so much better that it’s my preferred choice. 

Belcampo Alternatives

As noted above, two alternatives to Belcampo worth looking into are:

  1. Crowd Cow
  2. White Oak Pastures

CrowdCow sources its meat from dozens of farms. We covered the prices in the table above, but some things to know when comparing the two include:

  • Some of Crowd Cow’s farms are sustainable while many others are not.
  • Crowd Cow offers access to fish, as well as a larger selection of meat, including beef, bison, duck, game meat and ultra-premium cuts like Wagyu beef.
  • Crowd Cow’s subscription boxes are 100% customizable.

White Oak Pastures is a closer comparison to Belcampo, as they heavily promote their regenerative methods.

Some things to know about White Oak Pastures include:

  • All the meat is sourced from White Oak Pastures’ own farm.
  • They do not offer fish.
  • The delivery fee is $10 on orders $99+.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of White Oak Pastures, having ordered from them multiple times. I’ve found the quality of Belcampo and White Oak Pastures comparable, so I’ll continue ordering from the latter. 

Learn more about White Oak, Crowd Cow and other options in my roundup of the best organic meat delivery services

Who Should Try Belcampo?

I really liked — but didn’t love — Belcampo.

Yes, the quality is very high. But for similar quality at a lower price, I’d go with White Oak Pastures.

With that said: Crowd Cow offers an even better selection than White Oak (in fact, one of the farms they source from is White Oak Pastures), and many of their farms leverage regenerative practices. 

That fact, combined with their best-in-class pricing, means Crowd Cow is still my top source for affordable, high-quality organic meat.

R.J. Weiss
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