Update: ShopTracker is currently not accepting new sign-ups. The last time they were open was in March of 2019. We’ll update this page if and when the offer is reopened. For a ShopTraker alternative, you may like Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel or see our complete list of passive income apps

We all know what momentum is. It’s when you’re heading in one direction with such force and speed that it would be hard for anything to change your trajectory.

That’s a great goal to have for your finances. You want to build momentum.

Often, it’s the small decisions regarding our finances that give us momentum – especially when we make a lot of small decisions.

ShopTracker is one of those small decisions that can help put you on the right path. It’s not by itself going to get you out of debt or double your income. However, it can be one of the many small decisions that allow you to reach your financial goals.

This ShopTracker review will give you the scoop on this free program and how it works.

What Is ShopTracker?

Do you like to shop on Amazon? Do you like free money? If the answer to those questions is yes, you may want to check out ShopTracker.

ShopTracker is a free program that will send you money to keep track of what you’re buying from Amazon. You can get paid $36 per year – it’s not a fortune, but it’s an easy win.

Why Would Anyone Pay You for That Information?

In exchange for the money, ShopTracker will get information that will assist online marketplace businesses with their decisions regarding sales, distribution, and more.

ShopTracker can afford to pay you because they turn around and sell the data they’re given. That marketing research is important to companies who want to better serve their customers.

To sign up for the ShopTracker app, you have to have a smartphone and be 18 or older. The app will work on iOS, Windows, and Android phones.

How It Works

Free money is always welcome. But there can be a point where free money isn’t worth it, if it sucks up too much of your valuable time.

ShopTracker isn’t going to be a hidden drain on your time. Every month, you’ll receive a survey to fill out. It’ll take less than five minutes of your time.

When you’re done with the survey, you’ll be emailed a $3 Visa gift code you can use anywhere you shop online.

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Am I At Risk While Using ShopTracker?

It’s wise to be concerned about the security of your personal information in this day and age.

You don’t have worry about ShopTracker – it’s handled by Harris Poll Online, which is a legitimate survey site. The company has been in existence for 45 years and has an A- Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

While you will have to log into your Amazon account, your information is secure. Your name, payment information, and shipping address will all be removed before your purchase history is seen.

How Do Sign Up For ShopTracker?

If you have a spare 10 minutes, you can be signed up and ready to go. It takes no time at all. Here is how you do it.

1. Register for the App

You’ll install the app by signing up for the account. You won’t need to enter tons of information – just your name, birthdate, and gender. Just for doing this, you receive a $3 gift code within two days.

2. Enter Your Email Address

After you submit your information, you’ll be taken to another page. This page will have easy-to-answer survey questions. All you have to do to get started is fill in your email address.

3. Install the App.

It’s easiest to install the app on your smartphone. But you can also do it from your computer, if you have Windows 7 or a newer model.

4. Go To Your Amazon Account

After the app has been installed and you’re logged into it, go to your Amazon account and sign in. This will sync the two accounts.

5. Fill Out Your Surveys

You’ll get a once-a-month survey. They’ll only take you a couple minutes to fill out, and you’ll get $3 each time for a grand total of $36 a year.

ShopTracker Review Summary: Take Advantage of Small Wins Like This

Will ShopTracker make you rich? No. But when combined with other small steps, it can definitely build you the right kind of momentum you need with your finances.

And if you use this as a springboard to start looking for other small wins, it won’t be long before you notice all those small amounts adding up.

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