If you save 5 or even 10 percent off the full price of everything you buy, you could save a serious chunk of change by the end of the year.

Let’s say you normally spend $30,000 in the course of a year. If you can average 10% off of what you buy, you’ll save $3,000 after 12 months.

10% sound like a lot? These tips, tricks, and hack will help you get there.

#1 – Buy Used and Be Patient

Good things do come to those who wait. And waiting can save you a lot of money too!

Instead of shelling out top dollar for new items, you can buy used and realize substantial savings from sites like Craigslist, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace.

This is especially true for bigger purchases, e.g. buying a car, computer or home appliance. A few weeks of waiting and understanding the market can net you a great deal.  The goal is to educate yourself better than the seller on what a fair price is.

A deal will eventually come when you can get what you wanted far below market value.

#2  – Use Cash Back Sites for Online Purchases

When you buy anything online, you should be using a cash-back site like Swagbucks. With Swagbucks, you can earn up to 20 percent cash back from stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

I cringe at the amount I spent before I discovered this easy trick.

You can learn more here


#3 – Set Up a Google Alert on Slickdeals.net

Here’s a trick I constantly use to save money.

I’ll go into Google Alerts and setup an alert for what I want to buy on a site like Slickdeals.net (one of the largest deal sites, with thousands of bargain hunters who vote up great deals).

Here is how you do it. In your browser, go to google.com/alerts. Then you type in site:slickdeals.net and the brand or item you want in quotation marks. So if you’re looking for Patagonia discounts, for instance, what you type will look like this: site:slickdeals.net “patagonia”.

Then you select create alert. Now, anytime Patagona is mentioned on Slickdeals.net, you’ll be instantly notified.

#4 – Get Cash Back for In-Store Purchases

When you decide to go out into the world to shop instead of doing it from home, you should use Ibotta. It will allow you to get cash back for ordinary, everyday any-brand purchases you make. We’re talking staples you can’t live without, like milk, eggs, and cheese.

You’re going to need to eat those things anyway – you might as well earn money back for buying them.

To start reaping those savings, sign up for Ibotta here.

#5 – Buy Second Hand Gift Cards for Big Purchases

When you’re anticipating making a big purchase, see if you can score a secondhand gift card. You can buy second hand gift cards at websites such as Raise.

But, usually, your best deals will come from people you already know. They might have received a gift card they’ll never use from a relative for a holiday or their birthday. If the gift card is worth $100, you could negotiate a deal where you give them $90 for it. That way everybody wins – you get 10 percent off, and your friend gets cash.

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#6 – Get Cash Back for Price Drops

Have you ever bought something and then you see it goes on sale for a lower price? Don’t you hate that? I know I do!

Paribus can help you out in this situation, and it’s great for online shoppers. This app can save you money by looking at your online email receipt to see if any price adjustments occur.

If you buy something that later goes on sale and you’re entitled to a refund, Paribus will help you get that refund. You get to keep 100% of the savings too!

Check out Paribus here.

#7 – Use Honey to Scan the Best Coupon Codes

Coupons are a great tool for saving money. Everyone who is interested in keeping more of their hard-earned cash should check them out. But sometimes it can get confusing. Are you wondering if you really have the best coupon for what you’re looking for?

You can sign up for Honey, a browser extension that locates and applies the best coupon codes when you’re checking out online. You won’t have to spend your precious time doing the legwork. To see how Honey works, click here.

#8 – Ask For It!

There’s very little you can’t negotiate.

From smaller purchases such as food at a farmers market (ask for a discount for paying in cash or buying in bulk).

To bigger purchases such as buying a home or car, never hesitate to ask for a discount.

Even though I read the book 5+ years ago, I still remember a great negotiation tactic from MJ DeMarco who wrote The Millionaire Fastlane. He walked into a car dealership with a cashiers for the exact amount he was willing to pay for the car and simply asked the dealer for a Yes/No. (of course they said yes).

#9 – Get Paid to Use Coupons

Using coupons is one of the easiest ways to avoid paying full price for items. But you can do one better by using MyPoints. MyPoints pays you for printing their coupons.

For every couple you print, you earn 1 point. You’ll get an extra 10 points for every coupon you redeem. When you have enough points saved up, you can cash it in for a gift card or cash. So you’ll get the coupon discount at the store and earn points at the same time. What’s also nice is these coupons can be stacked with Ibotta cash back deals. This is how you can get something for nearly free.

Learn more about MyPoints by clicking here.

#10 – Just Don’t Buy It

Sometimes the best way to avoid paying the full price is to not buy something at all. By learning to separate your needs from wants, you can save a lot of money.

Before buying something on impulse, wait 30 days. Was your life impacted by not having it? Did you find yourself wishing for it? Or did you not think of it at all?

After that timeframe, if you still want it, you can buy it – by using all the tricks we just mentioned for saving money, of course!


*Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.

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