After a hard day at work–it’s easy to talk yourself into treating yourself. After all, you deserve it right?

But after all this deserving talk–you wake up having spent a few hundred dollars on clothes online. A few weeks later when the credit card bill comes in, chances are there’s some second guessing going on.

Instead of resorting to online shopping or TV to wind down–here’s 100 ways to relax and de-stress for under $10–without screens.

100 Ways To Relax and De-Stress For Under $10

  1. Start by putting your phone on do not disturb and plan not to be on it for the remaining of the day
  2. Treat yourself to a high quality bar of chocolate. Two favorites of mine available in most grocery stores are Lindt and Green & Black.
  3. Get a Happiness Journal. Try 52 Lists for Happiness.
  4. Visit a nearby garden or forest preserve
  5. Browse a physical bookstore and treat yourself to a book or magazine
  6. Visit a coffee shop and bring a magazine, plan to stay for a few hours
  7. Cook dinner for a friend
  8. Read a book about happiness. I really enjoyed Joy on Demand
  9. Try a new craft brew or bottle of wine with a friend
  10. Look through travel magazines to start getting ideas about your next vacation (related reading: Travel Hacking Hawaii
  11. Buy a bag of high quality, decaf coffee
  12. Make a healthy dessert
  13. Order takeout from one of your favorite restaurants
  14. Go out for ice cream or dessert
  15. Go to a yoga class
  16. Visit a museum
  17. Pack a picnic and head to a local park
  18. Go to a high quality butcher and get a special cut of meat
  19. Go to bed really early
  20. Go for a bike ride, even if you have to rent a bike
  21. Brew a homemade drink such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate
  22. Treat yourself to a pair of high quality socks
  23. Take an epsom salt bath
  24. Call up an old friend or family member, you haven’t talk to in a while to catch up
  25. Give yourself a vision
  26. Declutter your home
  27. Perform a random act of kindness such as buying the person behind you a coffee
  28. Draw in an adult coloring book
  29. Hold a baby
  30. Practice breathing exercises
  31. Listen to your favorite album all the way through
  32. Decorate your home with some flowers
  33. Take a new fitness class
  34. Look at past photo albums
  35. Watch an inspirational documentary like Planet Earth (you’re 1st exception to using screens)
  36. Watch an inspirational documentary like Cosmos   (you’re 2nd exception to using screens)
  37. Visit a farmers market to buy some high-quality produce
  38. Go for a swim, then get in the hot tub at a local gym
  39. Take a long shower
  40. Attend a free musical festival
  41. Groom yourself (nails, facial hair, hands, etc…)
  42. Do a brain dump (set a timer for ten minutes and write down everything that’s on your mind)
  43. Go see a live show (comedy, dance, musical, etc…)
  44. Host a potluck dinner with friends
  45. Start a garden (indoor or outdoor)
  46. Get the Sunday paper and read something new and non-work related
  47. Turn your phone on do not disturb, especially for group text chats
  48. Write a letter of gratitude to someone you really respect, even if that person is famous
  49. Volunteer for an organization you support
  50. Take a 20-minute power nap
  51. Visit a local health club (get a one day pass if not a member) and take a sauna or steam
  52. Draw something for someone
  53. Make your bedroom as dark as possible (get a sleep mask/buy blackout curtains)
  54. Visit a local plant shop and purchase an indoor plant
  55. Visit a conservatory
  56. Try a new guided meditation
  57. Go do something you did as a kid with a friend (play catch, basketball at the park, ride bikes)
  58. Shave with a high quality razor
  59. Dance
  60. Take a cold shower
  61. Visit a beautifully built place of worship
  62. Give yourself a massage or exchange massages with your spouse
  63. Make a “I’m Happy When List…”
  64. Watch the sunset
  65. Try a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try
  66. Invite a friend over to cook dinner with you
  67. Order food from a restaurant on your bucket list
  68. Order food or make food from a cuisine you’ve never had before
  69. Visit an animal shelter or pet store
  70. Head to the library just to browse
  71. Light some incense in your home
  72. Try a guided visualization exercise
  73. Buy a fictional audio book and go for a walk to listen
  74. Buy a gift for someone else you love
  75. Gather items in your home you don’t use and donate them
  76. Play musical instrument you have on hand
  77. Write a letter to your future self
  78. Buy a gift or write a thank you note to someone who helps you everyday (coworker, doorman, mailman, janitor, etc…)
  79. Focus on redecorating and rearranging a small corner of your home
  80. Call a friend to ask for their advice
  81. Use your fireplace or outdoor fire pit
  82. Invite your friends over for a card game
  83. Delete something from your calendar in the future that doesn’t excite you
  84. Buy yourself and overpriced self-care product you normally wouldn’t, e.g. soap, lotions, oil, etc…
  85. Visit a local market to buy something unique for your home
  86. Schedule in any vacation days you have available to you at work
  87. Make a list of people who make you happy–then schedule some dates with them in the future
  88. Read a classic work of literature
  89. Put together a scrapbook for a family or friend and give it to them as a gift
  90. Play one of your favorite board games
  91. Visit a winery or brewery
  92. Have sex
  93. Make a gratitude list
  94. Head to the driving range and hit golf balls
  95. Complete a local fitness trail circuit near your home
  96. Go visit a family member you haven’t seen in a while
  97. Write a letter to one of your kids
  98. Go for a walk where there’s beautiful architecture
  99. Make homemade bread
  100. Recreate one of your family restaurant meals from home




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Discover 100 ways to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate yourself without screens after a long day at work for under $10.