The 3 Best Android Lockscreen Apps That Pay

Can you really earn money from your phone's lockscreen? Surprisingly, the answer is "yes." Here are three legit lockscreen apps that pay, ranked based on factors like their user reviews and minimum payout.

There are a number of apps that place ads or other widgets on your lockscreen and pay you accordingly. By allowing them to do so, you can earn a little bit of passive income.

How We Ranked The Best Lockscreen Apps

We’ve ranked the list here based on a combination of the following factors: 1. User ratings. 2. Number of votes. 3. Number of active installs. 4. How recently the app was updated. 5. Overall earning potential.

#1. Mode Mobile

Mode Mobile offers what is essentially a music player that works on your lockscreen. You can make money passively by merely streaming your favorite tunes and listening to radio stations.

#2. S’more

It pays you money to place relevant content and ads on your lockscreen. All you have to do is unlock your phone once a day, swipe the ad away or click on it to learn more, and you’ll earn 10 points.

#3. Ad It Up

Ad It Up is a mobile app created by AdFone, a company that partners with phone companies and allows their customers to pay their bills by playing games, viewing ads and more.

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