Best Cash Advance Apps: Payday Lender Alternatives

If you need money to cover an emergency expense, these cash advance apps provide a cheap (and sometimes free) alternative to payday lenders.

Each cash advance app works differently, but they all essentially allow you to borrow money against your future earnings.

What Is A Cash Advance App?

Cash advance apps allow people to borrow a portion of their upcoming paycheck. These loans typically have low interest rates and minimal fees when compared to payday loans.

Best Cash Advance Apps

There are a number of cash advance apps on the market. All have their own unique set of features and benefits. Out of the many we reviewed, the eight here are worth considering.

Best Overall Cash Advance App: Earnin

Earnin offers the highest maximum loan amount of $500, has no subscription fees, and provides an option for instant cash transfers.

Runner Up: Brigit

Brigit is another solid all-around cash advance app with low fees, relatively fast transfers, bonus features, and limited income or credit requirements. 

Fastest Cash Advance App:  Cleo

Cleo offers instant cash advance transfers with limited barriers to entry for its users. While there is a subscription fee, it’s lower than other apps that charge additional fees for instant cash advances.

Best For Gig Economy Workers: Albert

Albert users can borrow money up to three times per pay period. The app monitors spending habits within users’ accounts and adjusts their personal maximum borrowing amounts accordingly.

Best For Bad Credit: Empower

Empower is a good all-around fit for users with bad credit, as its additional services help provide a comprehensive strategy for credit repair and financial stability.

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