Elon Musk Book Recommendations: 33 Titles From Musk’s Reading List

A common attribute among exceptionally successful people is a voracious appetite for books. Leaders from Bill Gates to Oprah to Dave Ramsey attribute much of their success to their reading habits. 

Musk is a voracious reader, gobbling up everything from classic science fiction to biographies. Here's a comprehensive list of his book and article recommendations. 

The Machine Stops


This classic short story describes a society in which humans no longer live on the surface of the earth, but in individual, subterranean rooms where all their needs are met by the all-powerful, deified Machine.

The Foundation Series


In this award-winning novel series from foundational sci-fi author Asimov, mathematician Hari Seldon predicts the inevitable fall of the Galactic Empire and a Dark Age that will last 30,000 years.

In an attempt to reduce the crisis to a mere millennium, Seldon establishes two “Foundations” to preserve scientific knowledge and human civilization.



Dune chronicles the adventures of Paul Atreides and his family as they defend Arrakis from attack and navigate various intergalactic economic, political, religious and military factions.

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress


The year is 2075, and the moon is a penal colony. Mannie, the son of a convict and an average computer technician, is unwittingly drawn into a revolution for lunar independence.

With the help of a self-aware computer named Mike, Mannie and his fellow moon inhabitants (called Loonies) fight for Earth to recognize the moon as an autonomous state.

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