How to Set Financial Goals That Actually Make You Happy

When it comes to money management, it seems like there are dozens of different objectives. Saving for retirement, college, a house, a car — and maybe even enjoying life once in a while.

This guide on how to set financial goals was designed to help you answer these and other key financial planning questions.

Get Accurate Data


One of The Ways To Wealth’s core principles is to think of your personal finances as a business. This allows you to get an accurate, objective view of your financial past, present and future.

Understand your Financial Needs


When it comes to financial goals, you can do just about anything. But you can’t do everything. A solid relationship with money means focusing on the goals that provide you the most benefit.

Think Outside the Spreadsheet


The better approach is to set overall life goals first, then reverse engineer what changes you’d have to make within your finances to achieve those goals.

In the financial planning profession, there is a movement toward this type of thinking called life planning.

 Track Your Progress


Setting goals without monitoring your progress is a waste of time. Financial goals are an ever-changing process.

And part of this process is continually revisiting your goals, making course corrections, and setting new goals along the way.

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