33 Legit Game Apps to Win Real Money 

There are a number of mobile game apps that allow you to win cash and gift cards — although most of them offer very limited prize potential, and many have a pay-to-play component that can cause you to lose money.

For this list, we researched more than 100 game apps to identify those that have good user ratings and provide clear information about what’s required to win.

21 Blitz 


21 Blitz is a mix of blackjack and solitaire. As with solitaire, players attempt to pile cards on four foundation stacks.

Whenever the stacks hit 21 (that’s the tie to blackjack), the stack is removed. Players earn points along the way with streaks, combos and early finish bonuses.



AppStation offers a variety of games and pays you in “AppStation Coins” to play them. This system encourages users to try other games, as new-to-you games have higher pay rates.

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman


To win cash, players can compete head-to-head or in a tournament-style bracket. Your winnings align with the entry fee you paid to play.

Big Time Games


Big Time is a game platform where developers share the advertising income they earn with game winners. There are a variety of games to choose from, and each has basic instructions to get you started.

Bingo Clash


Bingo Clash can be played with or without spending money. The more you’re willing to spend in entry fees (which range from 30 cents to $11), the bigger the cash prize pool is (from $5 to $70).

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