Beginner’s Guide To Profitable Airbnb Hosting In 2022

If you want to know how to be the perfect Airbnb host, the key is to do a lot of research and prep work beforehand. Here are six items to take care of before your listing goes live to ensure you hit the ground running.

1. Know Your Market

Whether you’re renting out a shed in your backyard or buying a home to rent in a distant city, it’s crucial to know a decent amount about the geographic location of your Airbnb.

2. Run The Numbers

You’ll need to forecast what you’ll spend to acquire your Airbnb space (unless you’re renting out a room you already have), as well as what you’ll spend fixing it up and decking it out.

3. Learn From The Pros, Then Do Your Own Thing

I’ve gotten some immensely valuable ideas and advice by connecting with other hosts on social media. Facebook Groups are especially useful to collaborate and get great tips.

4. Don’t Get Paralyzed By Perfectionism

You have to start before things are perfect. Ask your guests for advice. What things is your place missing? Was there anything that bothered them?

5. Understand The Mindset Of An Airbnb Guest

If you’ve never stayed in a short-term rental prior to starting an Airbnb business, I highly recommend it. This will help you experience firsthand what matters to a guest.

6. Learn How To Optimize Your Listing

Photos are extremely important for selling your place — especially if you’re competing in a saturated market. More pictures is nearly always better. Take them in plenty of natural light, and get the rooms from multiple angles.

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