How To Invest In Yourself: 26 Mostly Free Ways To Upgrade Your Life

How do you invest in yourself? Here are 26 Ideas, tips and strategies to level up your finances, business and relationships.

1. Learn To Cook Healthy Meals

Improving your cooking skills will save you a lot of time and money over your life. As important, life is a lot better when you enjoy what you’re eating.

2. Develop An Exercise Routine You Enjoy

I exercise a lot more when I enjoy what I’m doing. For me, this means a lot of long walks in nature and playing basketball. I then incorporate strength training and stretching into my routine.

3. Learn Your Recipe For A Good Night’s Sleep

Your duration and quality of sleep are directly impacted by a number of factors, including things like your diet, whether you get sufficient/regular exercise, and your pre-bed blue light exposure — among many others.

4. Try Different Types Of “Diets”

There are hundreds of different diets. There’s paleo, keto, and countless others. Some of them have health benefits. Some are harmful. And some work for certain people but not others, depending on their lifestyle and dietary goals.

5. Get Good At Goal Setting

Goal setting is the process of identifying what you’ll spend your time on. Being a good goal setter means being able to identify the right things to focus on — and avoiding the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

6. Ask Yourself Great Questions

Asking good questions helps us break our ingrained thinking patterns, thereby opening our eyes to approaches and solutions that we hadn’t previously considered.

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