How to Save Money on Groceries: 20 Tips & Tricks

Here's a complete guide to cutting your grocery expenses without sacrificing food quality.

With a little bit of commitment and know-how, there are concrete actions you can take today to reduce your food budget without sacrificing your family’s health.


If you don’t go in with a plan and impulse control, you’re likely to lose the game.

#1. Shop Your Own Shelves First

Check expiration dates and note what needs to get used up first. Then, jot down some ideas for recipes that require those ingredients. 

#2. Make A Budget

Having a budget will help you in your quest for “mind over menu,” and will keep your health and financial goals at the forefront of your priorities.

#3. Make A Meal Plan

With your grocery budget in mind and some ideas from the food items you already have on hand, make a meal plan for the week.

#4. Eat Seasonally

As you create your meal plan, strive to include fruits and veggies that are in season.

#5. Expand Your Palate

By shopping outside of your comfort zone, you give yourself a much wider selection of sales and item pairings to choose from.

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