How To Work From Home As A Proofreader And Earn $40+ Per Hour

If you’re looking for a work-from-home job and have the kind of eagle eyes that can spot typos and grammatical errors immediately, becoming a professional proofreader might be the perfect option.

This story is a quick-start guide that shows you how to become a proofreader — including some important tips on how to be a good one.

Step #1: Identify Your Strengths And Selling Points

Link your background to your ability to be an effective proofreader — even if that requires thinking creatively about your skills and experience.

Step #2: Build A Compelling Online Profile

Use your social profiles to send the signal that you’re a professional proofreader who is actively engaged in the field.

Step #3: Get The Tools You Need For The Job

You’ll deliver better work (and get better feedback) if you have access to the appropriate style guides.

Step #4: Brush Up On The Basics Of The Trade

Follow the major style guides on Twitter and Facebook, and pay attention to announcements and changes.

Step #5: Identify Niches Where You Have A Competitive Advantage

Targeting niches where you have domain expertise can help you overcome a lack of proofreading experience.

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