9 Income Generating Assets For Passive Cash Flow

Dividend stocks are a classic option that still works, but it's never been easier to diversify your portfolio.

Here are the best options available today, including cars, crowdfunded farmland, intellectual property and more.

#1. Stocks

A diversified stock portfolio has historically been one of the best income-generating assets you can own.

Of course, investing in individual stocks has its risks. Many investors turn to dividend-focused mutual funds for a diversified, professionally-managed approach to dividend investing.

#2. Real Estate

Real estate is often lumped into a single asset class, but it can be broken down into several subclasses, each with unique characteristics.

1. Residential rental property 2. Commercial property 3. REITs 4. Vacation rental property 5. Land

#3. Fixed-Income Securities

Fixed-income securities are debt instruments that pay a fixed interest rate over a set period. The two most common types of fixed-income securities are treasury bonds and CDs.

#4. Royalties

A royalty is a payment made to someone for the use of their property, often in the form of intellectual property.

For example, if you create a song, book or patent, you can generate royalties by licensing it out to others.

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