How To Get Your First Job On Upwork [Beginner’s Guide]

Upwork is a great way to launch your freelancing career, but getting your first job can be a challenge. We'll show you exactly how to do it.

How Upwork Works For Freelancers

Upwork is a gig economy platform that connects freelancers with people and companies that need work done. After signing up for the site, freelancers create a profile that includes a photo, a list of skills and a portfolio of work samples.

When you find a job of interest, you submit a proposal that usually includes your desired rate, a short cover letter and brief answers to a few questions about your skills, experience and fitness for the project.

Clients can also search for freelancers who might be a good fit for their project. After being invited to apply, the process looks the same as above; you review the details and submit a proposal.

Billing and payments are handled by Upwork, which provides a measure of protection to both parties. In most cases, clients are required to place funding for the project in an Upwork-managed escrow account in order to initiate a contract.

How To Get Your First Job On Upwork

Upwork features legitimate clients, good pay rates, plenty of flexible work-from-anywhere job opportunities in dozens of categories and payment protection. Sounds great, right?

Many new freelancers learn about the opportunity offered by Upwork and get a rush of excitement that is gradually replaced by frustration and disappointment as they fail to actually get a job on the site. Why is it so hard to win your first contract?

There are a few reasons. But first and foremost is your lack of feedback. Upwork relies on a five-star rating and feedback system. This feedback is front-and-center when you go and apply for a job.

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