How to Make 10K a Month (10 Best Beginner Ideas)

If your goal is to make 10K a month, you’re wise to start within these industries. Not only are they proven, but with no fixed labor expenses, they tend to have low startup costs and high profit margins.

These 10 ways to make $10K per month have low startup costs and high profit margins, and many of them are scalable beyond that $10K figure.

Start an Agency After Successfully Freelancing


Finding a skill that someone is willing to pay you for is the vital first step to launching a successful service-based agency.

Once you have clients, you can build systems that allow others to do the work while you, as the agency owner, focus on sales and growth.

Start a Blog


A blog is one of the most common ways beginners make their first dollar online. But thinking longer-term, blogging offers a solid business model with high profit margins. And if you hire skilled and reliable freelancers, it’s a business that can run itself.

Become a Highly-Paid Expert


Start your freelance business by considering the maximum value you can provide to a client, then find a way to make $10K a month without working 100 hours a week.

Create an Online Course


It’s never been easier to package your knowledge and sell it to others. Online course platforms like Teachable, which allow you to easily host and sell educational content online, exceeded $1 billion in sales in 2021 alone.

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