How to Make Money as a Kid (Online & Offline Ideas)

Here's a list of the best (safe) ways for kids ages 14 and under to make money, along with a simple four-step strategy that will help them succeed in their new endeavor. 

It’s never too early to start teaching your children good financial habits, and there’s no better way for them to learn than by earning and managing their own money. 

Best Offline Jobs For Kids: Yard Work


If there’s no use of machinery (like lawnmowers or weed whackers), a tween can handle most general yard work. Older kids can typically handle machinery in a safe manner. Earnings: $25 per yard.

Washing Cars


As long as they can reach the roof of the car, washing cars can be done by kids who are in their tweens and older. Earnings: The average cost of a drive-through car wash is $10.

Caring for Pets


If your family has pets, kids as young as eight or nine might be fully-trained in basic care and grooming. Earnings: $10 for a 30-minute walk or $20 a day for pet sitting.

Best Online Jobs for Kids: Start a YouTube Channel


Kids must be 13 to create a YouTube channel of their own, but there is plenty of content on the platform featuring younger children.  Earnings: YouTubers typically earn about $4 per 1,000 views.

Take Online Surveys

Survey sites gather consumer data for market research purposes. Because this data is valuable to brands, these sites reward users for taking surveys. Earning: Between $2 and $6 per hour.


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