The 16 Best Things To Sell Online In 2022

Selling products online is a business that nearly anyone can start with just a computer, an internet connection and a little know-how.

These product categories are easy to source, have strong customer demand and produce solid profit margins.

1. Antiques And Vintage Items

Many eBay customers are specifically looking for unique, vintage collectibles that aren’t available on other marketplaces.

While there isn’t massive overall demand for antique egg beaters or mid-century modern decor, the people that want these items can’t just order them on Amazon.

Instead, they will snatch them up when they find them and pay good money so they don’t miss the opportunity.

2. Art

If you’re looking to sell your own fine art, there’s no bigger online marketplace than Etsy. There are dozens of other sites — such as Society6 and Artfire — that are popular among artists.

3. Books

When you’re out hunting for books with good resale value, you can use the Ziffit app to scan the barcode of the used book and see how much Ziffit will buy it for.

4. Clothing And Accessories

Different online clothing marketplaces are geared toward different styles and demographics. As the name suggests, Poshmark places an emphasis on name brands and designer labels.

5. Jewelry

Online jewelry businesses will look very different based on the type of jewelry being sold. It’s not too hard to source fashion jewelry items from overseas, and then sell them at a markup on Amazon or eBay.

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