Need Money Now? 8 Fast Cash Options When You’re Desperate

Here are eight legit ways to get fast cash safely (without entering a debt trap that only makes things worse).

Note that we’ve ranked these in order of how easy it is to get the extra money, not how much cash they can produce.

#1. Return Past Purchases

Many retailers have surprisingly generous return policies, often with lengthy timelines and sometimes with no strings attached.

Nike gives you 60 days, Kohl’s gives you 180 days, and L.L. Bean gives you a full year to return previous purchases — even if you’ve used the items.

#2. Sell Something

If you don’t have items to return, you likely have items you can sell. You’re probably sitting on more valuable items than you realize.

Old laptops, video games, sporting equipment and extra furniture still have value and can be sold to get some quick cash.

#3. Donate Blood Plasma

Donating whole blood won’t make you any money, but donating blood plasma can earn you a substantial amount relatively quickly.

#4. Take Advantage Of Government Or Charitable Resources

Depending on where you live and what you need the money for, you may have access to either government or private programs that can help you stop a financial emergency from getting worse.

#5. Do Gig Work

A one-time gig can be a great way to earn some money without the commitment of a full-fledged job.

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