10 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly Or Faster

If you need money fast, these 10 online jobs pay in a week or less. From writing to data entry, there's something for everyone on this list.

A quick influx of cash — even just $50 — can help put food on the table, pay the utility bills, or provide some extra spending money.

How To Choose The Right Online Job

Only you can determine which job you should pursue, but here are some questions to help you narrow down your search. 1. Enjoyment level 2. Skill level/experience 3. Expected hourly pay 4. Flexibility

1. Sell Any Service On Upwork And Fiverr

Upwork and Fiverr and the two best websites to start with when you’re looking for online jobs. As the world’s two biggest freelancing marketplaces, they have millions of clients seeking almost every service imaginable. 

2. Freelance Writing

Demand for freelance writers is high and the earning potential scales up quickly. Experienced writers with knowledge of a niche can earn as much as 25 cents per word.

3. Online Tutoring

 If you’re interested in tutoring students from the comfort of your own home, there are now dozens of sites that connect you with willing learners all over the world. The online tutoring site Chegg is one of the few that pays weekly.

4. Proofreading

Proofreading is a freelance job with steady demand as the growth of online content isn’t slowing down. As a proofreader, you’ll be checking others’ work for grammar and punctuation errors.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is a catch-all term for a remote administrative support associate. You can get started working as an independent contractor for a company like Virtual Office VA.

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