29 Part-Time Weekend Jobs For Extra Income

Check out these 20 high-paying, flexible part-time weekend jobs ideas you can start today to make extra income. This list is organized by job type to help you find the perfect weekend gig or side hustle.

1. Freelance Writer

Income potential: High. Flexibility: Very flexible. Experience needed: Good command of the English language is important, and having expertise in a specific industry will help you earn higher rates.

2. Blogger

Income potential: High. Flexibility: Very flexible hours. Experience needed: Most people start with no experience, but there’s a long learning curve.

3. Graphic Designer

Income potential: Medium to high. Flexibility: Very flexible. Experience needed: You’ll need a good overall eye for design, as well as familiarity with at least one of the popular software programs used by designers.

4. Social Media Manager

Income potential: High. Flexibility: Medium to low.  Experience needed: Firm understanding of how each major social network functions, as well as the options and features it offers.

5. Fitness Instructor

Income potential: Medium. Flexibility: Medium to low. Experience needed: Most large gyms require some type of certification.

6. Tour Guide

Income potential: Medium. Flexibility: Flexible. Experience needed: Knowledge about your local community.

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