10 Automated Business Ideas That Run Themselves

A passive income business that can run itself is a much more viable option. You don’t need a six-figure sum to generate a meaningful income with a passive income business; all it takes up-front is your time.

Each of the options here will require minimal inputs after you’ve set up these compounding systems.

Create Information Products


The demand for information products has risen sharply over the years. We ranked this as the top passive income idea because of its efficiency: you create the product once and sell it over and over again.

Leverage Affiliate Marketing


This option is just as good as information products. The key difference is that with affiliate marketing, you’re not the one making the products — just the one selling them.

Develop Mobile Apps


If you have the technical know-how, developing and monetizing an app is another way to build something once and sell it forever.

Start a Blog


Not every blog is a passive income stream. Blogging involves considerable work in the beginning, writing content, managing affiliate links, optimizing for search engine traffic and more.

If you want your blog to be one that’s largely set-it-and-forget-it, choose a blogging niche that’s evergreen: information that is both relevant and unchanging from year to year.

Create a YouTube Channel


Switch the time you spend watching YouTube videos to making your own and you can see a steady stream of profit from ad revenue.

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