14 Passive Income Ideas for Those With No or Little Money

These passive income ideas work great even if you don't have a lot of capital to invest — and some can be scaled up into job-replacing businesses. 

If you’re seeking passive income, your goal should be to get to a point where both the work you do and the money you earn from that work keep generating income over time.

Build a Passive Income Business


Any business can be turned into a finely-tuned machine that operates without your active participation. In the classic book Work the System, Sam Carpenter details how he went from working 100+ hours per week to working just two hours per week.

Invest in Stocks


If you have enough capital to invest, dividend stocks can be one of the best income generating asset classes. However, it should be just one part of your overall investment strategy.

Invest in Real Estate


Real estate is one of the primary ways wealthy people have made money for decades. That’s no longer the case. With real estate crowdfunding, the attractive returns offered are now available to average investors.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies, and specifically decentralized finance, are creating new opportunities to earn passive income.

One of the most popular right now is lending out crypto you own to financial intuitions, which can be done easily on platforms like Gemini Earn.

Become a Creator


The key to success as a creator is to build an audience that trusts you, and then find ways to monetize that audience. While there are many different ways to do this, one of the most common is through advertising.

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