The Best Product Testing Sites For Getting Free Items

Here's a list of 50+ legit sites where you can either get paid to test products or collect free products in exchange for your honest feedback. 

1. BzzAgent

Testers receive free products in exchange for social media posts about the items. Members typically receive about three items per year to test.

2. Clicks Research

In addition to the products you receive, you’ll earn points for taking surveys about those items, which you can redeem for gift cards.

3. Gratsy

A product testing platform that tries to personalize the testing opportunities you receive based on your demographic information.

4. Home Tester Club

Primarily offers home and beauty items, and the platform is fairly selective about who it allows to sign up for testing roles.

5. Mesh01

A relatively new player in product testing, Mesh01 is a small company that focuses on outdoor and athletic products. 

6. PinchMe

Once a legit product-testing company, PinchMe’s user reviews have degraded significantly over the past few years. Members complain of delayed sample boxes and spam emails after signing up.

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