7-Figure Jobs: Guide to Earning One Million Dollars a Year

If you have ambitious financial goals and you’re not afraid of a challenge, achieving a seven-figure income may be something you aspire to do. 

Earning seven figures isn't easy, but it's also far from impossible. Here are some of the most realistic ways to make $1 million or more per year. 



The most common way to make a lot of money is to start your own business. There are endless possibilities and many different types of businesses that you can pursue, and the barriers to entry are usually very low.

At the same time, online businesses are extremely popular, which means competition can be stiff.

Investment Banking


When you think of high-paying jobs, a career in finance may come to mind. Investment banking is one of the opportunities that offers sky-high potential.

Investment bankers are responsible for the creation of capital for companies and other entities, and they also frequently manage mergers and acquisitions.



Consultants exist in many industries, and it’s no secret that this can be a very high-paying line of work. Typically, people who are working as consultants have a proven track record of being able to produce results.



An influencer is someone who has an established reputation and is able to influence others (including their buying habits) as a result of their high profile.

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