20 Hot New Small Business Ideas to Start

Starting your business in a field that’s exploding is like having the wind at your back — there’s less competition, higher profit margins and more overall opportunity.

This post highlights 20 small scale business ideas that can be launched for little to no cost, all backed by fast-growing trends.

Online Publisher


One way to take advantage of the massive growth in internet users is to start a blog. You can start making money blogging on your own, and then scale up your business as your readership grows.

Content Agency


When you start a content agency, you lead a team of creators who produce content for clients. Websites of all shapes and sizes — not to mention magazines and countless other types of publications and businesses — need content.

Digital Marketing Firm


As more businesses turn to the internet to sell their products and services, the demand for digital marketing specialists is skyrocketing.

And while you can get started in digital marketing as a one-person show, it’s also a prime opportunity to develop an agency.



You may be a little surprised to see bookkeeping on this list of the best small business ideas. It offers high profit margins, and more people than ever are leaving the traditional workforce to start their own businesses.

E-Commerce Company


E-commerce sales have been growing at a pace of 25% per year. These days, people buy literally everything online. That makes this a premier online business opportunity.

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