22 Under the Table Jobs That Pay Cash (& How to Find Them)

These 22 jobs still pay in cash (usually at the end of every shift), and can be great options when you need to make money fast.

In most cases, these under the table jobs are independent contractor roles rather than formal W-2 employment. 

Auto Detailing


This job can be as simple as shampooing and vacuuming vehicles, or as full-service as waxing, applying a kevlar coating, buffing and removing oil stains.

Child Care/Babysitting


 If you’re an adult with a car, you’ll get paid more as a nanny or au pair who can help with homework, take kids to lessons and practices and prepare meals.

Day Labor


Movers, contractors and event coordinators often need day laborers, so there’s no shortage of day labor gigs. If you need quick cash, this is one of the best ways to make $200 or more in a single day.

Delivery For a Local Restaurant


While it may seem like DoorDash and GrubHub are everywhere, the truth is that many small restaurants still use their own delivery service instead of relying on gig economy apps. These jobs often pay per shift and under the table.

Farm Work/Harvesting


There’s never any shortage of work on a farm or ranch, and many farmers need extra help during harvest and other busy seasons. Day laborers are often paid in cash.

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