Bill Ackman is one of the most well-known activist investors of our day. His hedge fund, Pershing Capital,  has gains of 17.1% per year since 2004 through through 2015.

He’s taken a hit lately with his position on Herbalife. His fight with Herbalife is well publicized and an interesting case study for activist investors.

Two articles chronicling the entire battle are below:

While controversial, he has sustained success overtime. Most hedge funds are unable to beat the market over an entire decade span, something Bill Ackman has accomplished.

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Bill Ackman Reading List: 12 Book Recommendations

What’s on the Bill Ackman reading list?

There’s a unique story behind the list of books.

Bill Ackman first gave this reading list to his new analysis Oliver White.  Oliver and Bill first met on a fishing trip where Oliver was the guide. Ackman was  so impressed with him, he offered him a position, with the stipulation he read the following books before beginning.

Here are the books on Bill Ackman’s reading list.