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Common Questions About Our Comment Policy

Why do you hold comments for moderation?

While we understand that moderating every comment slows down the pace of conversation, we think it’s the best way to prevent harmful content from appearing on our website. We are committed to maintaining a helpful and positive space for people to share their insight and experience about the topics we cover and will not approve comments that run counter to that mission.

What do you consider a good comment that “enriches the experience of readers?”

The best comments are those that continue the conversation we started in our article. Examples include questions about a product or service that we didn’t address within a review, or readers sharing their first-hand experience with a product or service that differs from the experience we described in an article. Good comments help us improve our content and help other readers better understand the topic by adding additional context. 

How long does it take for comments to be reviewed?

Most comments are reviewed and either published or denied within 24 hours, but some may take longer, depending on the availability of our editorial staff and the complexity of the question at hand.

How do I contact you about a comment that has not been published? 

You’re welcome to send us an email by using the address found on our contact page.