The Ways To Wealth rates survey sites on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the best possible score. 

Here are the specific factors we consider, along with their relative weights:

  • Earnings per hour (50%): When testing survey sites, we track our total time input and calculate our average hourly pay rate.
  • Survey availability (15%): Platforms with a consistent supply of available surveys receive a higher score.
  • Payout experience (15%): On survey sites, the minimum amount of earnings required to withdraw funds ranges from $1 to $50. Platforms with lower minimums receive a higher score. We also consider the available payout options, giving the highest grades to survey sites that offer cash payouts. Additionally, this score includes our own experience cashing out (such as difficulty and wait time).
  • Trustworthiness (10%): We Analyze user comments and ratings on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, Reddit and other forums to help determine a company’s overall reputation. We also consider the strength of the company’s privacy policy, as well as factors like how intrusive the site is, the number and type of permissions you’re required to provide, and how we feel about the site’s overall security.
  • User experience (10%): We evaluate how easy a survey site is to use, including whether the site works well on mobile devices. If the survey company has an app, we test it to ensure that all features work as expected.

To get the overall score for a survey site, we take the individual factor ratings, multiplied by their weight, and then sum the total. 

Here’s an example

Rating FactorWeightRatingScore
Earnings per hour:50%4.52.25
Survey availability:15%40.6
Payout experience15%40.6
User experience:10%4.20.42
Overall Score:4.32

Some survey sites are not standalone survey sites, and instead offer additional ways to earn money. In this case, we apply a standard adjustment to the rating based on the overall quality of the earning opportunities on the site. 

Survey Site Data Collection Process

Our objective is to gather first-hand data on each survey site we review. Our writers personally sign up for each platform, take surveys, and track data that includes the following: 

  • Total time spent.
  • Number of surveys available. 
  • Average advertised time to complete surveys.
  • Average actual time required to complete surveys.
  • Average advertised payout.
  • Average actual payout.
  • Disqualification rate.

Our survey site data collection process started in 2017 and is ongoing. We fact-check each survey site review on at least an annual basis and update the data as appropriate.

You can refer to our general editorial guidelines and review methodology for more information.