About Bradley Schnitzer

Bradley Schnitzer

Bradley Schnitzer is a Michigan-based accountant turned writer with a firm understanding of money.

In addition to his work at The Ways To Wealth, Schnitzer’s writing has appeared in personal finance and small business publications such as Cansumer and Wall Street Insanity.

Additionally, he’s ghostwritten financial content for companies ranging from industry-leading blogs to fractional CFO firms to budgeting apps. 

Early in his accounting career, Schnitzer built a freelance writing business on the side and eventually made it his full-time job. But he drained his savings and put himself in debt by living outside his means — including spending money he didn’t have and living in an apartment far over his budget — to “keep up with the Joneses.” Until one day, those expenses became too much. He paid rent for a few months by opening new credit cards, and then finally decided enough was enough and moved home with his parents.

While there, Schnitzer tightened things up and was (among other accomplishments) able to pay off a $5,000 high-interest personal loan several months ahead of schedule, save up four months of emergency savings, and begin aggressively saving for retirement — all on a relatively low freelancer income.

Schnitzer holds a bachelor’s of business administration degree in accounting from Grand Valley State University, which taught him the research skills, analytical abilities, and accounting/finance knowledge needed to produce strong finance content. He holds Hubspot Content Marketing and Hubspot Inbound Marketing certifications and is a member of the online copywriting community Copy Chief.

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