About Vanessa Zeigler

VZVanessa Zeigler is a freelance writer and editor focused on personal finance and time management.

She has an MBA from Duke University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Logistics and International Business from the Pennsylvania State University.

She is both a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM).

Her love of stretching a dollar began as a way to fund travel during her college years. She sewed and sold clothing on eBay, tended bar in Dublin, and subsisted on a bread and Nutella diet (not recommended) to fund adventures in West Africa and Western and Central Europe. 

Over the years, her side hustles became more sophisticated and entrepreneurial, with great success. She stayed free of credit card debt and paid off her student loans for tuition, fees, and school-related travel costs — in excess of $110,000 — within four years of graduating from her MBA program. Her goal was to be debt-free before having children and she beat her first child’s arrival by six days. 

A mom of two, Zeigler now augments her full-time position in the energy industry with frugal-living techniques and side hustles to secure her nest egg in preparation for an early retirement. She gives old items from Buy Nothing and Freecycle new life, never pays full price when she does buy new, and keeps her family’s spending on a tight leash. 

In addition to her work for The Ways To Wealth, she ghostwrites financial content for several other publications. She also coaches entrepreneurs in time management and prioritization techniques, dabbles in the physical arts, and tries out as many money making apps as time will allow.

Connect with her on LinkedIn, Upwork and Etsy.

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