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The Best Blog Niche Ideas For Making Money

Finding a Blogging Niche
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The best blog niche ideas are the ones for which:

  • You enjoy creating content around the topic (Fulfillment)
  • There’s enough demand in the marketplace (Demand)
  • There are many paths to monetization (Profitability)

In this regard, it’s best to think of blog niche ideas like college majors.

Majors such as finance and computer engineering make sense if earning a large salary is a priority.

Other majors — such as social work or teaching — can maximize fulfillment but come with lower salary potential.

Neither option is right or wrong. What’s important is knowing what YOU want upfront. Then, you can choose a niche that aligns with your goals.

You wouldn’t go into teaching if your priority were to earn a six-figure salary right out of college. Similarly, if your goal is to make money from your blog, you shouldn’t choose a niche that’s difficult to monetize.

It sounds obvious, but it’s a common mistake.

Whether you’re a new blogger or have been blogging for some time, it’s important to give serious thought to choosing a niche.

In this article, I’ll break down the three most important factors in choosing a niche:

  • Fulfillment
  • Demand
  • Profitability

Then, I’ll reveal eight good blog niche ideas for making money.

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Choosing a Blog Niche

Blog Niche Ideas: Fulfillment

You’re probably familiar with the following advice:

“Follow your passion and success will follow.”

While this advice is often quoted, following it can be dangerous. The excellent and well-researched book So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport shows us that:

“Passion comes after you put in the hard work to become excellent at something valuable, not before. In other words, what you do for a living is much less important than how you do it.”

Newport continues…

“If you want to love what you do, abandon the passion mindset (“what can the world offer me?”) and instead adopt the craftsman mindset (“what can I offer the world?”)”

Let’s start there:

“What can you create that offers the greatest value to the world?”

The key to a successful blog lies in identifying where your passion intersects with the value you can provide to your readers. This alignment not only ensures personal fulfillment but also maximizes your blog’s potential for success.

Take The Ways To Wealth as an example.

While I have a myriad of interests ranging from finance to sports and family, my decade-long experience as a CFP® in financial services highlighted where I could offer the most significant impact. The Ways To Wealth was born out of this realization, aiming to teach readers better ways to manage and grow their finances.

However, it’s essential to note that while expertise can be a boon, it’s not a strict prerequisite for blogging success. Sometimes, the most compelling blogs stem from personal journeys. A blogger might not start as an expert but by sharing their path, whether it’s overcoming debt, mastering a new skill, or navigating life’s challenges, they resonate deeply with readers.

In the world of blogging, authenticity often trumps expertise. Sharing your journey, your challenges, and your solutions can provide immense value to those walking a similar path.

Blog Niche Ideas: Demand

When you’re focused on creating genuine value in your niche, you’re naturally aligning with demand. Here’s the thing: value is intrinsically tied to addressing needs and solving problems.

Why is this perspective important

Because at the heart of every successful blog is the mission to assist and guide its readers. When you craft content that offers immense value to a broad audience, you’re inherently catering to demand.

I’ve been in the blogging game since 2009, and I’ve witnessed the rise and fall of numerous blogs across various niches. The ones that stand the test of time? They consistently help their readers navigate challenges and find solutions.

For instance, consider the allure of travel. Many dream of exploring the world but are held back by financial constraints. Blogs that not only inspire wanderlust but also guide readers on how to get paid to travel or use points and miles to travel address a genuine need. They offer both the dream and the roadmap to achieve it.

In essence, it’s straightforward: Solve problems. Provide value. The more significant the problem you address and the more people you assist, the higher your blog’s potential for success.

Blog Niche Ideas: Profitability

Now, onto the golden question: Is your chosen niche profitable?

Here’s a simple litmus test: Are there established bloggers in this niche who are thriving? If yes, that’s a positive sign.

Competition in blogging isn’t something to shy away from. In fact, it’s an indicator of a healthy, profitable niche.

Think about it: Why are there countless personal finance or food blogs? Because there’s a demand, and these bloggers are meeting it, which translates to revenue.

Brands today are acutely aware of the influence blogs wield. This recognition has opened up diverse monetization avenues, from recurring affiliate marketing revenue to sponsored content and advertising.

In essence, when choosing your blog niche, ask:

  1. Where can I provide unparalleled value?
  2. Are there success stories in this niche that I can emulate?

The goal of this blog is to help people find better ways to make and save money. As such, I’ll be focusing on eight proven, profitable blog niche ideas.

Each already passes the test on whether they’re good for making money.

You’ll likely need to narrow down within each of these niches. For example, I wouldn’t start a general business and marketing blog. I’d narrow down and start a business and marketing blog within specific sub-niche, such as dentists or independent insurance agents. 

#1. Business and Marketing

There’s a proverb that says, “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

In other words, when no one has any clue what to do, having even a slight information advantage is all it takes to rise to the top.

That’s an important concept to keep in mind when entering one of the most competitive niches: business and marketing.

Say you want to start a blog about making money online. If you do, you’ll be competing with some of the sharpest marketers in the world.

Now, say you want to start a blog about internet marketing for freight brokers (or any other hard-working, big, profitable, blue-collar industry which has money to spend but is not known for its marketing acumen).

Here, you can be a one-eyed man in the land of the blind.

And that’s exactly what you want.


  • Can sell high-priced information products, including consulting
  • You’ll sharpen your own business and marketing skills


  • It’s a crowded field where you’re competing with some high-level marketers

An example of a profitable business and marketing blogger is…

#2. DIY and Crafts

Sewing, arts, crafts, DIY, etc… these are HUGE niches on Pinterest.

And since it’s easier to drive traffic on Pinterest for a new site, compared to Google, it’s possible to build a successful arts and craft blog quickly.


  • Big potential in SEO and social media, especially with Pinterest
  • Can sell physical products with a Shopify or Etsy store
  • Great visual niche with a lot of potential on YouTube


  • Harder to sell high-priced products

An example of a profitable craft blogger is…

#3. Food

Food bloggers make most of their money from advertising. That means generating a lot of page views before your blog becomes successful.

This can be done somewhat quickly with a good Pinterest strategy. But there’s a good amount of competition in popular niches like paleo, keto and vegan.

If I was going to get into this niche, I’d do a lot of research upfront using Google Trends.

My goal would be to find a trend that’s starting to gain traction. For example, it would have been a great move to start a paleo blog around 2009.

Best Blog Niche Ideas Image


  • Very high demand in both SEO and social media
  • A lot of brands in the space, which allows for sponsored posts
  • Trends move fast, which can create opportunity if you’re quick to react


  • It can be a labor of love to create every new recipe (photographs, testing, content writing, etc.)
  • Limited ability to sell products, as most people just want free recipes

An example of a profitable food blogger is…

#4. Fashion

This is a very visual niche.

Which is good, because social media is getting more and more visual (see: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube).

Display ads, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing are the most common monetization strategies.


  • Can make good money through affiliate programs selling clothing and accessories
  • A lot of opportunities on visual and less competitive (compared to Google) social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube


  • Your brand will be visually based around you
  • Not ideal for selling high-priced items

An example of a profitable fashion blogger is…

#5. Personal Finance and Investing

My favorite niche on the list!

There’s a lot of demand on Pinterest for topics about frugal living and saving money. As such, you can build traffic rather fast on the site, while concurrently developing an SEO strategy.

The best-earning finance blogs focus on making money, as this is where you can sell higher-priced info products.


  • Can pivot into the making money niche once a large readership is built
  • High-demand for information


  • Personal finance can be very seasonal, with interest peaking in November through February
  • It’s a competitive space in SEO, with many larger publishing companies fighting for traffic

#6. Health and Fitness

The biggest benefit of the health and fitness niche is that the audience is hungry for information (pun very intended).

People want answers to their problems, and they want them now.

This is a great niche for a site like Pinterest, where it’s easier to build traffic for new blogs.

Most health and fitness blogs start out making money with affiliate programs.

The big earners have their own info product that solves their audience’s specific needs.


  • Can make money in a lot of different ways, from affiliate revenue to high-priced products


  • Can be very competitive
  • Very seasonal (will peak in January)

An example of a profitable health and fitness blogger is…

#7. Lifestyle or Multi-Niche

It’s easier to start a blog based on a niche. But, a trend not to ignore is the dozens of successful multi-niche blogs taking the blogosphere by storm.

On the surface, these bloggers get to form a content strategy around whatever interests them.

But a deeper dive shows that successful multi-niche blogs are very calculated in their content strategy, often focusing on producing content that has the ability to drive serious traffic via Pinterest.

More so, successful multi-niche blogs focus on solving the problems of a specific demographic. For example, a millennial lifestyle blog focuses on finance, travel, career, and relationships. Mom blogs focus on parenting, home, feeding their family, etc.


  • You can switch between different topics based on the latest trends
  • You can keep things interesting if you get bored with topics
  • More monetization opportunities


  • It can be harder to rank on Google if your content is broad rather than deep
  • Your audience may all have different problems they’re looking to solve, making it harder to create a content strategy

An example of a profitable multi-niche blogger is…

#8. Travel

The best travel blogs:

  • Have a specific audience they build content for
  • Inspire others to do interesting things
  • Understand how to drive traffic from social media and SEO

In other words, what they’re good at should be nothing surprising. Social media, SEO, creating content around a specific demographic… this is what makes any blog successful.


  • Can create content linked to other related niches, such as making money while traveling and travel hacking
  • Good potential for making money through credit card referrals
  • It’s a lot of fun


  • Many travel bloggers’ content strategy revolves around them traveling. Thus, you have to be willing and able to travel a lot, in both the short and long-term
  • Not much opportunity for high-priced information products, as most people’s budgets go towards travel expenses
  • Has higher upfront cost if you were not planning on traveling

An example of a profitable travel blog is…

Summary: Best Blog Niche Ideas

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R.J. Weiss
R.J. Weiss, founder of The Ways To Wealth, has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ since 2010. Holding a B.A. in finance and having completed the CFP® certification curriculum at The American College, R.J. combines formal education with a deep commitment to providing unbiased financial insights. Recognized as a trusted authority in the financial realm, his expertise is highlighted in major publications like Business Insider, New York Times, and Forbes.

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