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Legitimate Survey Sites That Pay Cash Instantly

The Fastest Paying Survey Sites
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Something as simple as sharing your opinion on a survey could mean a little extra money in your wallet.

Do enough surveys, and all those payouts start to stack up. By the end of a month, you can have a nice amount to help pay off debt or celebrate a special occasion.

The problem is: who wants to wait a week, or even a month, for this extra income?

Many survey sites make you wait weeks for your payout. Just as bad, they have high minimum withdrawal amounts — which means it might take two to three months to actually see the cash in your bank account. 

You can’t reach your financial goals if you don’t have access to your money.

This post helps you cut right to the chase with a list of the fastest paying survey sites. These sites have the best combination of a low payout threshold and fast payout terms, so you can see the money in your account as quickly as possible. 

The 9 Fastest Paying Survey Sites

Ready to see some cash in your bank account? Here are 10 of the fastest paying sites, based on our first-hand research. 

Note: In the summary tables below, “time to credit” is the amount of time it takes for points or cash to appear in your balance on the survey site, while “time to receive” is how long it takes for the money to show up in your bank account once you decide to cash out.

#1. SurveyTime

Minimum cash-out:$1
Sign-up bonus:None
Time to credit:Instant
Time to receiveInstant
Payment optionsCash through PayPal or gift cards with popular retailers (Amazon, Target, etc.).

There’s no waiting game with these guys.

SurveyTime will pay you as soon as you’re done answering a survey. Users have reported payment deposits in as little as minutes. This survey site has a legit instant payout.

The no-fuss approach continues through other areas of the site. 

Every survey on the site pays $1, no matter how long it takes to complete it. The flat-rate is nice for those who like consistency. The site also gives you a completion time estimate, which is pretty accurate, according to users.

#2. Branded Surveys

Minimum cash-out:$10
Sign-up bonus:$1
Time to credit:Instant
Time to receive1 to 3 business days, according to the website. Some sources say 1 to 2 days.
Payment optionsPayPal, bank deposit, or virtual gift cards.

Branded Surveys is going strong at 2 million members that earn on the site. Still, there’s room for you to get a slice of that pie — and to get it fast.

The site advertises an instant payout system. How it really works is a little different. And while the entire process can take up to three days, it’s still a whole lot faster than most.

Participants must have at least 1,000 points in order to get paid from the site (every point equals 1 cent). Once you reach that amount, you can go into your profile and redeem your points.

Even though there’s a processing time, the site doesn’t keep you hanging. Branded Surveys tells you the expected payout date, which helps when it comes to planning out your money.

The dashboard also shows you exactly how many points you need to cash-out.

#3. Survey Junkie

Minimum cash-out:$5
Sign-up bonus:None
Time to credit:Instant
Time to receive1 to 4 business days. Bank transfers will take the longest. Expect shorter withdrawal times for PayPal and gift cards. 
Payment optionsPayPal, bank transfer and virtual gift cards.

Survey Junkie offers case studies, focus groups, phone interviews and product testing. A lot of participants call the site user-friendly.

Expect payout in a matter of minutes with the PayPal option. The nice thing about Survey Junkie is that all your points convert to cash, even if it’s less than a whole dollar.

The site doesn’t force you to complete your initial profile questionnaire. But the more complete it is, the better chance you’ll be offered surveys you actually qualify for. 

Learn more about how the site works in our Survey Junkie review.

#4. Opinion Outpost

Minimum cash-out:$5 for gift cards, $10 for PayPal.
Sign-up bonus:None
Time to credit:Instant
Time to receiveWithin 24 hours for gift cards.
Payment optionsPayPal and virtual gift cards.

Opinion Outpost offers another quick way to boost your bank account balance. It’s a U.S.-based option that’s been around since 1977. 

While the cash-out may be nice, the time it takes is a roll of the dice with this site, which doesn’t provide estimated completion times. 

There’s also an initial 72-hour holding period when you first sign up. Newbies can’t start redeeming their points until those three days are up.

Participants get invited to take surveys, test products and more. If it turns out you aren’t qualified for an opportunity, Opinion Outpost will put you in a cash drawing.

#5. Swagbucks

Minimum cash-out:No minimum, but most rewards start at $3.
Sign-up bonus:$5 for surveys or $10 for online shopping (see below).
Time to credit:Instant
Time to receive3 to 5 business days.
Payment optionsPayPal and virtual gift cards.

Swagbucks’ signature is the large number of ways to earn money on the platform. From surveys to sign-up offers to online shopping, we counted over 20 different ways to earn on the site. 

When it comes to surveys in particular, there are both a large number of available surveys and some higher paying ones.  

We’ve found the surveys that pay higher than 200 SBs ($2) are your best bet.

If you choose to cash-out via gift card, Swagbucks sometimes gives you a discount, so it’s like you’re paying less for the value of the card. Otherwise, your SBs can be converted to cash through PayPal at a value of 1 cent each. 

You can learn more about how the site works in our Swagbucks review and our list of the best Swagbucks hacks and tips.

Pro Tip: Swagbucks has two different sign-up bonuses they offer to new users. The first and most popular is a $10 bonus for making a purchase of $25 or more using their shopping portal. The second — and the better option if you’re not expecting to make an online purchase anytime soon — is a $5 bonus for earning 2,500 SBs within the first 60 days after sign up, which can be done exclusively through surveys. 

#6. Paid Viewpoint

Minimum cash-out:$15
Sign-up bonus:None
Time to credit:Same day (often within minutes).
Time to receiveUp to 72 hours for PayPal, sometimes faster for gift cards.
Payment optionsPayPal and virtual gift cards.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been halfway through an online survey only to be kicked out because you don’t qualify.

That doesn’t happen with Paid Viewpoint. Users only complete surveys that they definitely qualify for.

Paid Viewpoint knows what you qualify for because every user has to complete a profile. So there’s a little more time investment in the beginning, but it pays off in the peace of mind that you will actually get paid for your work.

Finish the survey and the site tells you exactly how much you earned. Regular users find the surveys only take a couple minutes and earn about 10 to 20 cents each.

Besides surveys, a lot of users are making even more money on this site with referrals. Paid Viewpoint has a commission-structure for users who bring other users on board.

Keep in mind that some surveys may include open response questions, which means you may be required to write a couple sentences to elaborate on your answer.

#7. Qmee

Minimum cash-out:None
Sign-up bonus:None
Time to credit:Instant
Time to receiveWithin minutes.
Payment optionsPayPal, virtual gift cards, and charity donations.

Money can be in your PayPal account within minutes if you participate in the surveys on Qmee

This online survey site is just that fast.

Be aware, though, that Qmee doesn’t pay as much per survey as other sites on the market. You will also notice lower quality surveys. 

Qmee stands out as one of the few survey sites with a super-low minimum cash-out.

It doesn’t even have to be a whole dollar. If you earn it, it’s yours to withdraw.

#8. Earnably

Minimum cash-out:$10
Sign-up bonus:None
Time to credit:Instant
Time to receiveInstant
Payment optionsPayPal and virtual gift cards.

Earnbly has taken a similar approach to sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars (which we discuss below), in that there are a number of ways to earn on the platform. 

It’s a newer paid survey site, having launched in 2015. But in that time it has built up a decent reputation among its users, as well as via reviews on sites like Trustpilot. 

Earnably has a solid Trustpilot score.

Earnably rewards users even if they don’t qualify to complete the survey, which is a rare perk. Most of the other survey sites on this list just leave you out to dry if you spend time with a survey and are somehow disqualified.

#9. InboxDollars

Minimum cash-out:$30 for first cash-out, then $10.
Sign-up bonus:$5 
Time to credit:7 to 30 days.
Time to receive10 to 16 days for first payment, then same-day for PayPal transfers.
Payment optionsPayPal, paper check, and virtual gift cards.

As a pure survey site, InboxDollars minimum payout of $30 would disqualify it from any list of fastest paying sites. Fortunately, like Swagbucks, there are numerous ways to earn on the platform. 

InboxDollars rewards users for opening emails, clipping online coupons, watching videos, product review offers, and even playing online games.

Redeeming your points is instant, but there’s a processing time if you’re using PayPal.

After signing up, InboxDollars brings you to a 30-question demographic survey to establish your profile and qualify you for surveys. The site pays you to fully complete the profile and watch a how-to video.

Users report an average earning range of 50 cents to $5 per survey, and you’ll see how much a survey is worth up-front before taking it.

While the surveys can be on the longer side (up to 25 minutes), some surveys can pay $20 or more.

Check out our detailed InboxDollars review to learn more about how the site works.

Fastest Paying Survey Site FAQ

What is the highest-paying survey site?

The paid survey site where you have the greatest earning potential is Swagbucks. They have a large inventory of surveys, and if you’re willing to do some other tasks on the site, you can earn above minimum wage. 

Are there any surveys that pay cash instantly?

SurveyTime both credits instantly and rewards instantly. While it’s one of the lower paying sites, you can indeed put money in your account today after signing up. 

Fastest Paying Survey Sites: Closing Thoughts

The fastest paying survey sites typically offer a PayPal cash-out option. That’s going to be your best bet for quickly getting your hands on your money. 

So, make sure you verify your PayPal address as soon as you sign up on the site. From there, most sites will have a general profile survey for you to take. 

We highly recommend you take this initial profile survey for two reasons:

  1. The initial profile survey typically pays well, often even providing a bonus for new users.
  2. It will give you more targeted surveys in the future.

As we often say, you’re not going to get rich taking surveys, but some effort every month put into different survey platforms can net you a gift card or two to treat yourself to something you might not have otherwise purchased.

Keep in mind: these are the fastest paying survey sites, not necessarily the best overall or the highest-paying. You can learn more about other options in the two resources linked below.

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