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8 Best Remote Customer Service Jobs You Can Apply for Today

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Customer service representatives are an invaluable part of nearly every organization. They field complaints, help customers get what they need, and often act as the face of a company. In the past, this job required employees to be in a retail location or office. Today, there are many part-time and full-time work-from-home customer service jobs available.

Your time is a precious thing, and the last thing you want to do is waste it on customer service jobs that aren’t worthwhile. Instead, comb through our list, which features the best remote jobs in this field.

Note: The list includes jobs that require a combination of phone and text-based support. If you’d rather not take phone calls, check out our list of the best work-from-home chat supports jobs.

8 Work-From-Home Customer Service Jobs

There are countless remote jobs online, many of which can make great careers. Others, however, aren’t worth the time. We’ve done the heavy lifting and researched the best customer service positions that allow you to work from home. These jobs range from part-time to full-time and require various skills, but all of them allow you to work remotely.

#1. Foundever

Editor’s note: Foundever was formed through the merging of Sykes and Sitel, two of the biggest companies in the work-from-home customer service industry.

Foundever is a home-based customer service firm that takes the call-center model to your living room or home office.

The company has two primary types of agents: seasonal support agents and specialized support agents. The first group is generally recruited by other companies for high-traffic seasons. Seasonal customer service spots are typically tied to retail, and needed shortly before Thanksgiving through the beginning of the new year. Because this spot is seasonal, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be kept on full-time. But it’s a great way to get experience and it can still lead to full-time work if you perform well.

The second group, specialized support agents, is comprised of highly specialized customer service agents that have experience in a particular industry. These agents are permanent hires, not seasonal. If you don’t have specific experience for this posting, consider going for a seasonal spot with Sykes to get the necessary experience.

All of the customer service positions at Sykes require strong brand knowledge, the ability to field a high number of calls, and proficiency with multi-tasking while on the phone. There are almost always a high number of postings available, so check the Foundever job board to see if there are any openings that fit your background.

#2. Amazon

Amazon generally hires in-house customer service agents who can work from one of its large call centers. But there are some work-from-home jobs available with this online retail giant.

To be an Amazon customer service associate, you’ll need excellent people skills, as you’ll be helping customers from all walks of life to solve problems with orders and products. You’ll also need to be tech savvy and comfortable working late hours and overtime.

The company is known for its fast pace, and its customer support is no exception. It’s essential that applicants to this position are ready for that intense pace.

If you’re interested in pursuing one of Amazon’s rare work-from-home positions, check the Amazon job board regularly to see if any are available.

#3. American Express

American Express business credit card with padlock next to it

For years, American Express has been one of the leading companies for remote work. Its customer service positions are no exception to this remote culture.

Where American Express differs is in its approach to customer service. Rather than offering the typical customer service positions, the company has many positions that act as customer service/travel agent hybrids. These positions entail helping customers with travel-related problems as well as with actually planning out trips.

Those with pre-existing travel knowledge will have an edge in this role, but American Express also offers an 11-week paid training program that turns virtually anyone into a travel expert. If you’ve got a knack for sales and organization, love travel, and want a work-at-home job, American Express may be the perfect fit.

Take a look at the many American Express jobs available here, and see what kind of customer service and support roles are available.

#4. Concentrix

Concentrix has spent years building a reputation as a prime employer for home customer service representatives. If you want a job with room to grow, it also offers HR-related spots and management jobs.

Unlike many of the jobs on this list, Concentrix doesn’t offer a pure customer service role. Instead, it has a sales and service rep position. This spot combines customer service and sales, requiring that you’re comfortable promoting products, excellent at problem-solving, and ready to double as a salesperson.

If you want to pursue a role with Concentrix, you’ll need high-speed internet and availability seven days a week. You’ll also need to be comfortable with potentially providing tech support, as Concentrix deals heavily in digital marketing, analytics, automation, and other tech-oriented services. You’ll also be asked to purchase a headset and flash drive if you’re offered the job.

The company posts a wide variety of remote positions, so carefully look through the Concentrix job postings to see if any match your interests.

#5. Teleperformance

Teleperformance offers a wide range of customer service and support to clients. As a result, it hires for a number of remote service-based positions — many of which fall into traditional customer service roles.

To work with Teleperformance, you need to be ready to become a jack-of-all-trades, as clients come from numerous industries and backgrounds. You’ll be answering calls and helping customers with technical issues, researching product questions, and providing general support.

Teleperformance also offers positions in IT, sales, marketing, and many others. Many of these roles are also remote, making this company a great place to diversify and branch out into other roles if you’re interested.

If you want to work for a company that puts corporate social responsibility (CSR) first, and prides itself on doing good for the environment and communities around the globe, Teleperformance is an excellent option. The organization makes an effort to do good in its local communities and has numerous sustainability campaigns, which makes this a company you can be proud to work for.

To apply, visit the Teleperformance careers page and join the talent network. From there, a recruiting agent will contact you and guide you through the rest of the process.

#6. Enterprise Holdings

Work from home customer service jobs: Car lot full of white vehicles

Enterprise Holdings — the parent company of Enterprise car rental, Alamo, and National — utilizes remote customer service agents to assist its many customers.

In the customer service role for Enterprise, you’ll be answering customer questions about car rentals, assisting customers with filling out forms online, and quickly locating information within the Enterprise database.

To work for Enterprise Holdings, go to its careers page and search for remote positions that match your interests.

#7. Dialog Direct

Dialog Direct provides customer engagement solutions for clients, helping companies contact customers, drive sales and maintain relationships.

Dialog Direct hires customer service reps specifically for certain industries, so many of its customer service positions require prior experience within that particular field. This allows you to apply for a role that plays into your additional strengths. For example, if you have experience working in IT, you could apply for a customer service position serving tech clients.

Check the Dialog Direct careers page and search specifically for remote positions within your state. Note that the company doesn’t typically hire in all states at all times.

#8. InfoCision

InfoCision is a customer care company that primarily works with nonprofits (helping them reach donors), as well as with a selection of traditional brands.

As an InfoCision remote customer service representative, you would be making and receiving calls for nonprofits and a handful of Fortune 100 companies. These calls can be related to support issues, billing questions, donor drives, and even sales.

InfoCision prides itself on maintaining a fun environment that rewards hard work. Applicants interested in pursuing a career with InfoCision can do so at the organization’s career page, and should be ready for a fast-paced work environment where every day gives you the opportunity to help nonprofits do good in the world.

Skills Needed for a Remote Customer Service Job

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Before applying to any of the jobs listed in this article, you’ll want to make sure you have the right skills to land a customer service position. If you don’t have any prior customer service experience, here are some of the primary skills and items you’ll need to have beforehand:

  • Communication skills: Every customer service job will require top-notch communication that is succinct and friendly.
  • Self-starter: As a remote worker, you’ll be left to your own devices. This means you’ll need to be a self-starter and capable of managing yourself and staying on top of your responsibilities.
  • High-speed internet: Every remote position asks for a high-speed internet connection — generally a wired one rather than Wi-Fi. If you don’t have access to high-speed internet, this could be a major hurdle for your search.
  • A quiet work space: It’s common for these companies to require a quiet work space to ensure there’s no background noise or disturbance during customer calls. If you don’t have a home office, you’ll want to create one that’s free of noise and distractions.
  • Bilingual is a plus: While you won’t have to know another language for every customer service position, there are bilingual customer service jobs. Fluency in a second language can give you an edge in the application process.

Your Customer Service Job Awaits

There are numerous online customer service positions available. Freshen up your people skills with practice interviews, do your research, and eventually you’ll find the spot that fits your personality and requirements.

If you’re interested in other remote work, be sure to read up on other legit online jobs.

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