Capital One Business Deals Review: How to Save Big on Travel

Capital One Business Deals Featured
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In this review of Capital One Business Deals, formally called Capital One Spring, we’ll examine the savings program. While technically a platform for businesses, the program is worth exploring as it offers substantial savings in the travel space, whether you’re traveling for business or personal reasons.


Capital One Business Deals is a free corporate savings program. Through the platform, you get access to deals and coupon codes, some exclusive and some which can be found elsewhere. Anyone can join the platform and take advantage of the deals, regardless of whether you own or purchase products and services for a business. One of the biggest sweet spots we found when testing the platform was with Priceline. We first found rates 12% lower through Capital One Business Deals than by visiting Priceline directly. Upon further research, we found some hotels more than 50% off what was showing on Google Hotels and Priceline’s primary website. We also found National Enterprise car rentals at a 9% discount versus Kayak when using Capital One Business Deals. Overall, the program is worth signing up for if you’re a frequent traveler, whether for business or personal reasons.

5 Things to Know About Capital One Business Deals

  • Capital One Business Deals is similar to a corporate savings program. There’s no cash-back aspect to the platform, but rather deals on many very common products and services a business or individual would buy. 
  • There are no qualifying questions to confirm you’re a business. All that’s asked is that you confirm your email address. 
  • You don’t need a Capital One credit card or bank account to sign up. Anyone can participate, and you can use any type of credit card for purchases. 
  • Deals are business-centered, but many deals could benefit you personally. In most cases, you do not need to make any purchases for your business to be eligible for these deals. There are numerous travel deals available, for example, which you can take advantage of for personal use.
  • You cannot stack these deals with shopping portals. For example, you can’t stack Capital One Business Deals with the potential cash-back from a shopping portal like Rakuten or Swagbucks.

Capital One Business Deals: How It Works

You only need a valid email address to sign up for Capital One Business Deals. There’s no requirement to have a Capital One credit card or bank account. While you’re asked upfront for your business name, I just filled out my name and then verified the email for access. 

Capital One Business Deals
You can register using your name as a business.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll gain access to various deals tailored to small businesses. 

The travel section was the area that one stands to benefit on both a personal and business basis.
The travel section was the area that one stands to benefit from on both a personal and business basis.

To take advantage of a deal, click on it and follow the instructions to purchase. In some cases, you’ll need a coupon code; in others, you’re redirected to a specific Capital One Business Deals branded landing page with the product or service provider. 

How Good Are the Deals?

To see what you’re getting with Capital One Business Deals, I randomly tested three deals that interested me for personal and business use. 

Example #1: Enterprise National Rental Car

Capital One Business Deals offers deals up to 15% off for Enterprise National Car Rental Discounts. By taking advantage of this deal, I could find prices as low as $103.24. A search on Kayak showed the lowest-priced vehicle at $113.

The $103 rate was lower than competing companies on Kayak. In my case, the lowest price came in at $106 from Alamo. 

Example #2: Priceline

When you click on the Priceline deal through Capital One Business Deals, you’re taken to a special discount page on Priceline’s website. 

Capital One Business Deals' Priceline Search bar

While no savings or coupon code is required, I wanted to compare the rates for hotels on Priceline with and without this page. 

Looking at one-night rates in Chicago for the upcoming weekend, I found the following hotels:

Capital One Business Deals Priceline List

These rates were listed in order of percentage off based on Capital One Business Deals. Only certain hotels provide discounted rates on the platform. 

For example, the Millennium Knickerbocker Chicago for Business Deals rate was $110, while the rate without it is $134.

Capital One Business Deals Chicago Hotel

Unfortunately, Priceline only offers these discounted rates on hotels and not other travel expenses, such as flights and car rentals. 

This is a nice sweet spot for those booking. They claim to save up to 50% off discounted rates, and surprisingly, it didn’t take me that long to find another city where that was the case.

Capital One Business Deals lists the AC Hotel By Marriott Miami Dadeland at $154 a night.

Capital One Business Deals Florida Hotel Example

This is well over 50% off what I find on Google Hotels and Priceline. 

Capital One Business Deals Florida Hotel example - regular price.
Google shows rates at $395 per night for a two-night stay in Miami, while Capital One Business Deals shows $154.

For those who shop and pay for hotels with cash instead of points, this is an outstanding travel hack.

Example #3: Instacart

I’ve been an off-and-on Instacart user for a number of years (it’s nice to have the option). So, while I couldn’t take advantage of the deal, I wanted to check it out to learn more. The deal offers free delivery on your first $10 or more order. 

This is a case where there were other deals out there. In fact, on Instacart’s current promotion page, you can get free delivery on your first three orders. 

Capital One Business Deals FAQ

What types of deals are available on Capital One Business Deals?

There are various types of deals available through Capital One Business Deals. Here are the categories and offer counts at the time of publication:

– Business Travel (25 deals)
– Administrative (14 deals)
– Technology (31 deals)
– Cyber Security (3 deals)
– HR & Benefits (19 deals)
– Communications (5 deals)
– Office Supplies (34 deals)
– Business Marketing (20 deals)

Do you need a Capital One credit card or bank account to sign up for Capital One Business Deals?

No, you do not need a Capital One credit card or bank account to sign up for Capital One Business Deals. Anyone can participate, and you can use any type of credit card for purchases.

Are the deals on Capital One Business Deals exclusive to the platform?

While some of the deals are exclusive, we found many deals that could also be found elsewhere. 

Can you use Capital One Business Deals for personal purchases?

Yes, many Capital One Business Deals deals can be used for personal purchases. For example, some travel deals can be used for personal trips.

Is there a cash-back or loyalty program associated with Capital One Business Deals?

No, unlike Capital One Shopping, no cash-back or loyalty program is associated with Capital One Business Deals. You cannot stack Capital One Business Deals with the potential cash-back from a shopping portal.

Maximizing Savings With Capital One Business Deals

Overall, the Instacart deal is a theme I found while checking out some other deals on Capital One’s platform. Yes, some sweet sports on the platform, particularly on Priceline, make it worthwhile to sign up, but many other deals are not exclusive. 

To get the most out of the platform:

  • Check out the travel deals, as this is where some of the best value can be found.
  • Compare the deals with cash-back shopping portals like Rakuten and Swagbucks to see if the deal is truly exclusive.
  • Don’t assume that Capital One Business Deals always has the best offer available. Do a quick Google search to see if better deals are available elsewhere.
  • Remember that when you book through Capital One Business Deals for travel, you’re not purchasing directly with the airline or hotel, so you won’t be accruing rewards points with a specific brand. 
  • If you have an American Express card, you can stack rewards using Capital One Business Deals and then use your AmEx card to pay for the purchase. Make sure to activate the deal within American Express first, however. 

Visit Capital One Business Deals.

*Capital One Business Deals compensates us when you sign up and validate your email for Business Deals using the links we provided.

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