1. If I transfer money to my account after opening it. How do I get the money out?

    1. Hi Pam,

      You can transfer it to a traditional external bank account if it’s cash.

  2. Would i get charged to transfer money from a conventional account into Juno?

    Can I accept Zelle payments on this account?

    And what about online transfers to other accounts? Like wire transfers to family abroad.

    1. There are no charges to transfer from a traditional checking account. Juno doesn’t work with Zelle, but it does work with Cash App and Venmo. Wire transactions are currently disabled on the platform. According to support, this is a temporary restriction and will be back soon.

  3. I opened a Juno account and funded it from my bank account; then converted some of the US dollars into USDC. All of this went as expected. However now I want to transfer USDC to an external wallet and there is an extra step that I have not encountered before and there is nothing about it in the Help files.

    I have used the chat feature to send my question to the support staff but I have not gotten an answer, in spite of waiting ten days and asking more than once.

    I see that there is a support telephone number, which I found on a blog, not on the Juno site but when called, it says phone support is suspended. Apparently the only way to reach support is through the chat. This is concerning and makes me wonder how stable the company is. Do you have any more information about this support issue?

    1. You’re right; Juno doesn’t have a phone support option. Not sure what blog you got the number from, however.

      Sorry about your struggles. Any luck with getting the issue resolved?

  4. Is it possible to transfer money from JUNO to your Cashapp account ?

    1. Yes, you’d be able to transfer BTC/USD only.

  5. It would have been better to mention what do they earn on the buy and sell prices. I have Juno and they take a chunk of a percentage for selling and buying crypto from my perspective. They don’t charge a fee but they do charge a high transaction percentage.

  6. I have a Juno account and would like to send bitcoin to a relative’s bitcoin wallet. Can I do that with Juno?

    1. Yes, you can make transfers to a private wallet.

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