Welcome to our Trim Review, where we review the popular money saving app.

This review was updated after a year of using the app.

Was it worth the time?

Let’s find out…

Trim App Review

Trim is a free service that promises to automate your savings.

I have to say, it’s pretty unique.

You get started with Trim by signing up for an account and linking your credit card accounts.

Trim helps you save money on autopilot by:

  • Canceling subscriptions. – Trim sends you a list of your subscriptions and cancels the ones you don’t want.
  • On your Comcast bill. – Trim will negotiate your bill on your behalf and get you an account credit when there’s an outage.
  • Tracking your spending. Find out how much you spent this month simply by asking Trim.

Once you log in, there are a lot more useful features. While these don’t save you money directly, they can help you make better financial decisions.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Spending analysis. Trim’s spending analysis lets you compare your spending month-by-month, by exact date, and by category. I found the exact date feature pretty useful to see if I have any big one-time expenses coming up.
  • Budget your spending. You can set a budget with Trim, which Trim will then notify you throughout the month of your progress.
  • Simple savings. A recent feature of Trim was their own FDIC savings account. Trim pays 1.5% interest. However, Trim charges $2 a month for the account.

How Much Does Trim Cost?

Trim is completely free to sign up.

Many of the services are then free to use, including the subscription cancellation service.

One way Trim makes money is by charging you a fee for negotiating your Comcast bill. They charge 25% of the first month’s savings.

Trim has now successfully negotiated a discount on my Comcast bill a few times. The most recent time Trim negotiated a $20 credit for me, which “cost” $5.

This was the message I received via Facebook:

Trim app screenshot of $20 comcast credit

Trim doesn’t share your data, according to their FAQ:

Your data is only used for you: we don’t sell it or use it in any way other than what we’ve explained already. We safeguard your data using bank-level security at all times. We don’t ever share your data with third parties.

Trim Review Summary

After a year with Trim, the major benefit I’ve received has been with Trim’s Comcast negotiation. Multiple times I’ve earned credits on my bill due to a power outage. For me, this is free money.

For that alone, it was worth the 60-seconds to sign up.

Trim also sent me a message, when there whenever a larger expense hits:

Trim App Facebook Message

Maybe what I most like about Trim is it’s pretty fun. Not only did I get surprised by a few credits over the year, I received valuable updates to my monthly cash flow inside of Facebook.

One place I didn’t see a lot of benefit was. from the subscription cancellation service. Primarily because I have very few and they’re low cost.

I then keep track of spending inside a separate way, so I didn’t get much benefit from the budgeting feature either.

Since there’s really not much you need to do after you sign up, your decision may come down to privacy.

I was comfortable linking my financial accounts with Trim, as I understand the technology that protects my information.

If you feel the same way, I recommend giving Trim a try.