Best Investment Banking BooksWhere can you find the best investment banking books?

Look no further then the recommended reading list Goldman Sachs hands out to each new investment banking hire.

Totaling over 70 books, covering a broad range of investment banking topics, this is one of the broadest reading lists I’ve seen. I’ve listed both.

Happy reading.

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Best Investment Banking Books

Written by Current or Former Goldman Sachs Employees

Industry Background and Flavor

The following popular works are, of course, exaggerated depictions of the darker side of the industry. However, they do provide some of the flavor of life on “The Street.”

Best Investing Banking Books| Broad Industry History

Best Books for Investment Banking | Analytical and Reference



Best Books on Investment Banking | FICC & Equities

Investing Banking Books | Options/Derivatives

IMD | Best Investment Banking Books

Written About, By or For Money Managers and Traders |Best Investment Banking Books

Best Investment Banking Books | Resources

  • The list of best investing banking books was first posted on The University of North Carolina’s website.